Rik Barron

Rik Barron


St. John's, Newfoundland native, Rik Barron is an accomplished family entertainer. He is known for his crisp instrumental style, smooth baritone voice and high energy live performances. Oh yeah. He's funny too.


Along with his reputation as a multi-instrumental folk artist, Rik Barron has dedicated much of his life to performing for family audiences; parents, teachers and children. Rik has performed folk music for young children in schools, fairs and concert halls throughout Canada for the last 25 years. His live concerts for the young and young-at-heart are high energy, engaging performances where the audience listens, sings, dances and laughs. Often at the same time.

Rik is a two time East Coast Music Award winner and a past Canadian Music Folk Award and Indie Award nominee. We hope you take some time to check out his photos and listen to his music.


( For Family Audiences)
Over in the Meadow - 2010
Shine - 2009
Make Hay When the Sun Shines - 1999
Heel to the Toe - 1995
A Sock Full of Songs - 1993