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"Watch For The DIGITRUCK Tour Rolling Into A Town Near You"

In a true example of grass roots outreach to its prospective customer base, DigiTech has hit the road with its very own DIGITRUCK™. The truck is a 53-foot showcase of Digitech’s product line, offering a wealth of guitar effects and modeling products. These products are demonstrated live and on stage.

The DIGITRUCK features a 23×16-foot stage with a state-of-the-art, all-Harman PA system, demo/studio room showcasing the latest gear from the Harman Music Group, as well as a lounge area.

The DIGITRUCK features master musician Rikk Beatty, who has five instrumental albums under his belt and has mastered styles from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Acoustic, New Age, and Funk. He has shared the stage with acts such as April Wine, Cheap Trick, Great White, Warrant, Dio, and Scott Cossu. Rikk was also the Guitar Center Seattle store champion in the national “Guitarmageddon” contest where he took 2nd place in the regional finals in San Francisco in 2003.

- MIX Magazine

"DigiTech DigiTruck Tour: DigiTech Takes It To The Streets"

It's a shame that trade shows are so few and far between, which is why DigiTech is taking the trade show atmosphere on the road with the DigiTruck Tour. A 53-foot semi-truck will be driving around from city to city for live demonstrations at DigiTech dealers across the country.

This massive semi takes a 23x16-foot stage and a Harman PA system mobile. The truck even has a demo room for gear showcasing and a lounge area. DigiTech plans to educate the non-trade-show-going public and store staff members about their products while giving musicians a chance to test out their gear.

The DigiTruck will feature accomplished guitarist Rikk Beatty. Beatty has recorded five instrumental albums and can change styles like a chameleon -- everything from rock to Latin to funk. He has played with everyone from Cheap Trick to Dio and was the Guitar Center Seattle store champion in "Guitarmageddon."

Because Rikk Beatty will be on-board, DigiTech has assigned that a master navigator helms the semi. We'll call him "Holy Driver."
- Gearwire Magazine

"Local Guitarist is a MUST see!"

"Rikk Beatty can shred the frets in the likeness of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and is a must see for any guitar fans!" - The Olympian


"In a world of musicians trying to be original, Rikk does not have to try. He is. And the crowds love him!" - Quote from a signed artist

"Guitarist Proves there is Still a Place for Prowess"

We admit it. We are "Art Rock" or progressive music fans (but our CD collection is probably about as weird as yours!) As such, anything with a certain technical element to the music is sometimes a welcome respite from the passion of a good three chord punk show.

Guitarist Rikk Beatty from Olympia WA would fully admit to being one of those "guitar geeks". You know..... the kind of guy that SLEEPS with his guitar, is a genuine gear hound, and can play flight of the bumblebee for breakfast. As the winner of the Seattle Wa store Guitar Center bet guitarist champion, he does indeed "burn" (check out a video of him at his site www.rikkbeatty.com), but it is his dedication to his craft that is more inspiring than his amazing playing. From recording music soundtracks, to clinics and performances for his endorsers Ibanez Guitars, Digitech, Dean Markley Strings, Scott Dixon Amplifiers, In Tune Guitar Picks, and Dimarzio pickups, straps, and cables, Rikk has a full plate of cool things going on around the release of his current solo CD. Kit and Katie say ROCK... and check Rikk out.

Kit Benge
Owner/ Bandpasses.com
- Band Passes.com


SoundScape "Sorry Wrong Planet"
SoundScape "Acoustic Bass and Guitar Duet"
SoundScape "Live at Charlie's"
Rikk Beatty "Guitar Farm"
Rikk Beatty "Infinity Within"
Rikk Beatty "Pointing at the Moon"
Rikk Beatty "Acoustic Enchantment"
Rikk Beatty "Winter's Song"
Rikk Beatty "Autonomous" <---9 songs written for a play
Rikk Beatty "Beginning Meditation with Patricia Strand" <--- all background music written and recorded by Rikk Beatty



The Olympian Newspaper is quoted at having said "Rikk is a "guitarist's guitarist" and can shred the frets in the likeness of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani." A professional touring company Bandpasses.com is quoted as saying "His dedication to his craft is even more awe inspiring than his amazing ability to set the fretboard on fire with a perfect balance of melody and technique." Windham Hill and ALU recording artist Scott Cossu said "In a world of musicians trying to be original, Rikk does not have to try, he is. And the crowds love him!"

Rikk Beatty is not happy unless he is pushing his musical boundaries. With his latest releases of "Pointing at the Moon" and "Guitar Farm", he feels he has accomplished his task of making a new and innovative approach at electric guitar oriented instrumental music. Rikk's current new album "Guitar Farm" is a culmination of all of his best instrumental songs over the past 4 years that he has been performing.

Rikk is endorsed by many major music companies such as Digitech, Ibanez, Dean Markley, Dimarzio, Scott Dixon Amplifiers, In Tune Guitar Picks, Shred Neck, and Pedal Snake. He is currently a full time guitar clinician for Digitech touring over 180 days a year coast to coast inthe USA on the incredible DigiTruck playing at venues varying in size from 100 people to over 20,000 people. Rikk was the Guitar Center Seattle Store champion in the national "Guitarmageddon" competition in 2003. He took 2nd place out of 540 guitar players in the regional finals held in San Francisco at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Over the last 15 years Rikk has been in Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Metal, Fusion, and New Age bands. He has opened up for national acts such as April Wine, Cheap Trick, Great White, Warrant, Dio and Scott Cossu. Rikk has established a fan base in the Pacific Northwest as well as all over the world. With CD sales going as far as the UK and radio play in 3 different countries, Rikk has and continues to make his mark on the world.

Rikk has been hired to write and record music for plays, documentaries, commercials, and other Pacific Northwest bands. Four of Rikk's songs from the Pointing at the Moon album have been #1 hits in various genres on the very popular website BROADJAM.com and one hit was a #1 hit for the entire website for almost 2 weeks which hosts thousands of songs from thousands of artists. Rikk loves all styles of music and with the relase of his last 4 albums alone, I think you can see that he runs the gamut of almost all music genres lending himself easy to book in just about any venue.