Riley Jackson

Riley Jackson


Founded in January 2012, Riley Jackson is an improv-based blues/rock band from Orange, CA, whose original songs feature structured songwriting while still leaving room for live interpretation and variation.


Riley Jackson originated from garage jam sessions hosted by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Armand Lance that included a rotating group of musicians from Orange County and Chapman University. Among this group were drummer Trevin Welty, who had played with Lance in his previous band Thick as Thieves, guitarist Justis Ketcham, a Dana Point resident who was referred by another guitarist at Chapman University, and bassist Sam Schlenker, a Chapman film student from Pasadena who met Armand by coincidence while registering for classes. The four of them continued to jam together throughout the fall of 2011 until officially forming in January 2012. They played their first gig in March at Chapman University, and it wasn't until moments before stepping on stage when they agreed on the name Riley Jackson, which, unbeknownst to them at the time, was the name of B.B. King's cameo role on the Cosby Show. They have since continued to play local gigs and write original material.


March 2012- Do You Wrong (Single)

Set List

Said and Done
Do You Wrong
Morning Birds
Where You've Been
(Better Wars)
(Don't Go Back on Your Word)
(Hone It)