Arlington, Virginia, USA
BandHip Hop

A unique blend of new school swag Hip Hop and an Old School mentality, R.I.M. is here to bring intelligent and thought provoking lyrics back to the game of Hip Hop!


R.I.M. is a Hip Hop artist from Fredericksburg, Virginia who has been creating music intensely for the last three years. His style is witty and articulated with substance filled lyrics that listeners can relate to. Although his song are meaningful they maintain a driving club beat that makes it highly marketable.

He got his start with a group called Lyrically Inclined and has then moved on to produce with Diamond in the Ruff Music Group, which helped him record and release his debut mixtape, "The Genesis", in December of 2010. He is currently working on a new EP, scheduled to be released next Fall which include his upcoming single "God's Child".

R.I.M. brings massive amounts of energy and passion into his performance and music that it is impossible to recognize his charisma and potential. With witty lyrics that can make you laugh one second and then grab your chin in thought the next, he always brings the beats that you keep you dancing and your head nodding.


The Genesis Mixtape - Decemember 2010

God's Child single - September 2011