Rimbombante, a Spanish term that denotes something flamboyant or having a strong resonance, is dedicated to playing the Bolero music recorded by the great Bolero singers of Latin America. Bolero music recounts stories of passion, agony, heartbreak, fidelity and infidelity and ultimately the triumph of love. The Bolero is a slow rhythmic and danceable love song with a slight swing feel. The closest comparison to a Bolero would be the jazz ballad but the Bolero has a stronger rhythmic quality. Bolero music, like the jazz standard, emphasizes a strong melody. Rimbombante, an instrumental quartet, entrenches the link between the Bolero and jazz. One school of Bolero is called Bolero Tropical, which refers to an approach that gives the music a livelier feeling while repeating the musical structure. Bolero Tropical would be a good way to describe Rimbombante.

Set List

Our typical set consists of ten songs from the Bolero repertoire. We usually play two or three sets.