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"Yalla Habibi featuring knock-out princess Rime"

City Times gives you an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of Karl Wolf’s new video Yalla Habibi featuring knock-out princess Rime

HE PULLS UP in a brand new Mercedes SLR onto the red carpet and paparazzi bulbs start flashing. As they wait in line to enter the club, girls go into hysterics as he opens the door. Karl Wolf is back and read to accept his title as ‘King of the airwaves’. Wolf, on the set of his new music video being shot partly in Dubai, pauses between scenes to speak with City Times in an exclusive interview.

“This entire video is going to be insane,” he says. “We’re shooting it in six different locations with million-dollar cars that would make even Jay-Z jealous.”

Sporting some new piercings and a tattoo, Wolf has returned to his UAE hometown after a whirlwind schedule following his MTV Award for ‘best new MTV Arabia act’ late last year. Donning a black leather jacket and matching baseball cap, Wolf’s bling nearly outshined his new single Yalla Habibi, which features a hot duet with up-and-coming Canadian-Moroccan singer Rime.

“We’re representing the Arab world,” he said proudly, “from Morocco to Dubai.”

Wolf, who gained fame following his 2006 debut album Face Behind the Face, has been recharged as he prepares to release his third album this May.

“The MTV Awards represent a high standard to me, and it made me feel like I reached a new level.”

Running around frantically helping to stage and direct all the video extras, Wolf was at the top of his game as he filmed the nightclub segment for the mega-budget project, shot at Chi @ The Lodge.

“I’m really excited to be shooting this video with him,” co-star Rime points out, as she slips backstage to change into a tight black number.

The song Yalla Habibi, which features the most famous term of endearment in the Arabic language, will be the first release of the upcoming album as Wolf prepares for a two month itinerary full of recording sessions and international gigs.

His commercial success has garnered him heavy airplay around the Middle East and Canada, including many Arab communities in diaspora. With his R&B meets dance floor hits, Wolf has been able to skyrocket to platinum success recently, collaborating with Rap legend Snoop Dog in the song Triple R.

“I feel so blessed to be doing what I’m doing and getting all this support from around the world,” he says. “I’ve performed alongside my hero’s and it’s because of my fans support,” he concludes. - Khaleej Times Dubai

"Gala SOBA: des artistes à surveiller"

Il y a cette jeune artiste Rime , je l’ai rencontrée durant la soirée et elle m’ a parlé d’un prochain album à venir en mai. Une jeune Marocaine de montréal très talentueuse, au sourire rayonnant et à la voix solide ( digne des grandes voix de la RNB!). En personnes, elle est toute petite et menue , elle parle avec une petite voix charmante; on ne devenirait jamais qu’elle a une voix puisssante! À surveiller de très proche! Surtout qu’on parle d’une collaboration avec Karl Wolf… C’est une surprise, ça risque d’être huge!Vous l’avez lu en premier sur MISS POTIN!!! lol

Elle n’a pas trop voulu parler de la chanson, ni du style, car c’est encore un secret Pas grave, ma gazelle, je compte sur toi pour représenter les maghrébines du monde! Mais je devine des sonorités arabik. - misspotin.wordpress.com


First album coming out during summer 2009



Since she remember, Rime has developed a passion for writing. This passion for writing and singing has come to a very young age. Without thinking of a career, she has allowed herself to dream about the day when she will be like her idols. Seeing the biggest diva on stage gave her goosebumps each time. It was this mixture of the scene and the music that she always liked.

It was only at the age of 12 years old that she made her debut on stage and it was one of her compositions, an RnB mixture half-English half-Arab, a nod to her Moroccan origins. By age 5, Rime's family left her homeland, Morocco to reach Montreal where she has lived since.