US- born East Indian singer and performer passionate for bringing my unique Indian flavor into the American pop scene! I specialize in mostly pop and dance genres and have done work in hip-hop as well.


Beauty, brains, and talent, exuding glamour and confidence yet down-to-earth, Rimi defines what the modern pop diva should be. Child of first-generation Indian immigrants and born and raised in the Washington, DC metro area, Rimi has a unique and versatile combination of Eastern and Western upbringing, giving richness to her personality and her music.

Ever since she was a child, she took an active interest in her Indian heritage, beginning her training in Indian classical music and dance from the age of 5. Throughout her academic education, she always kept music and dance as a priority in her life, even sacrificing sleep many nights so that she could practice. In the fall of 2006, after graduating from Johns Hopkins University, Rimi quit her job as a research assistant in New York City to move to another big city, Mumbai, India, to pursue her dreams as a singer and performer.

She lived alone in the foreign city for 10 months, struggling to prove herself and her talent despite many obstacles. She performed in a number of shows nationwide with acclaimed artists and finally completed her own Hindi fusion pop album, “The Unveiling”. In the fall of 2007, she made the very difficult decision of forfeiting her acceptance into a prestigious MD/PhD program against the wishes of her family in order to continue her pursuits in music and dance.

Rimi’s dream and struggle is to create a place for Indian music in the American pop scene and globally, and she is willing to do anything to see this dream come true. She continues to work hard to gain skill and recognition in what she truly loves to do.


Rimi: The Unveiling

Set List

I do a mix of Indian/Bollywood music and Western music(hip-hop, r&b) depending on the audience. Each set usually contains 4-5 songs from my album as well as covers of popular Bollywood songs.