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The Common Cold (shoulder)

Written By: Cam Roberts

The Common Cold Shoulder

She's playing with her hair again, she brag's 'bout him to all her friends
She's using him, she's using him
She says the rumours aren't true, but doesn't even have a clue
She's losing him, she's losing him

A classic girl, a classic case
Of selfishness and saving face

Don't say you understand the reasons for it
Don't think it's better if you just ignore it
Don't ask the question if you know the answer
Don't take her back you know she'll want another chance

His patience is wearing thin as she walks all over him
He's letting her, he's letting her
He tries to run, he tries to hide, bottles it all up inside
He's getting worse, he's getting worse

A classic boy, a classic game
Of emptiness and tempting fate
If all the world could see his face,
The sky would rain for days and days

Get out, get out, just walk away now
Pack up cause you don't have to stay here
I know it's so hard to look up when
Everything comes down

Oh she's ripping up his heart as she reaches for the door,
He's picking up the pieces cause they're scattered on the floor
And she whispers in his ear as he puts them in her hand
I didn't think you'd understand

Will she regret all of her selfish claims
I wonder if she'll remember his name

My Alibi

Written By: Cam Roberts

My Alibi

Four and twenty hours ago (hours ago)
I made a promise something that I can't disclose (Can't disclose)
Bite my tongue before I slip (before I slip)
My ears are burning, my eyes they just don't believe it

I'll swear nothing happened
But I can't explain the scars
I'll try do deny the truth (Because there are)
A thousand things that they could frame me with
Ya put me away
Steel bars for the next two years (less a day)

Four and twenty hours ago
I made a promise something that I can't disclose
Bite my tongue before I slip (before I slip)
My ears are burning, my eyes they just don't believe it

Four and twenty hours ago, some things you should not know

Aching and exhausted
Still trying to relax
I've got, got to get this, get this off my back
How could you say that this is all a fabrication?
Cause you know that I would tell you truth, and I have proof
But I got to keep my profile underground cause if they find out that I told ya
They'll be chasing you down too
But you don’t know my name

And I’m just dying to tell everybody
All the horrible things that I saw with these eyes
But I can’t cause I know all the pain I will go through
If they found out I told you
And I swear this is no lie


4 song EP (2003)
Waste of 25 Cents (Full-length 2000)

Set List

Rimtrik's typical set consists of 9 to 11 oringnal songs filling 35 to 45 minute set