Rinaldo Vitorinni

Rinaldo Vitorinni

 João Pessoa, Paraíba, BRA

With their own sound composer mixing jazz, flamenco and Brazilian music. Simples e complexa.


Rinaldo Vitorinni a musician (guitarist), music teacher, music producer, arranger and composer. Was born on 08.07.1980 in the town of Santa Rita-PB. He began his studies in guitar at the age of seventeen and nineteen he was studying at the School of popular guitar music Antenor Navarro. In 2003 seven-string guitar at the Conservatory of Music of Pernambuco sponsored by the local city hall and in 2007 graduated in Bachelor of Arts / Music by UFPB. As a musician has performed several concerts with soil and camera crews. Among his most relevant works are a concert by the band's 15th bimtz at Teatro Santa Roza in 2003, the show instrumental sounds and Variations in 2004, concertos for guitar and mandolin in the House of Culture Poet Lcio Lins 2004, presentation at the Academy Paraibana Poetry in 2004, concert with the group in the Project Mangai Gloria Vasconcelos (SESC) in 2005, participation in the project Rap Suddenly in Campina Grande accompanying repentistas in 2006, participation in special DVD recording of pianist international Dhiego Heraclitus at Cine bang in 2007. In January 2010 has made presentations at the Ton Ton Jazz and SESC Itaquera in Sao Paulo. His musical production is based on work with local artists with good recognition at national level, has produced since 2005 cd's for the artist Calazans Sabugy part of the cast of Label Antbird in Sao Paulo, arranging and producing the shows the singer Meire Lima in Project Six and Half and the House of Culture Poet Lcio Lins in 2006. His last job as producer was the recording of his instrumental CD titled Affinities with style Latin Jazz produced in 2008 and launched in May 2009 with the seal of the Writer and Editor Antbird Madrigal. As a composer is researching since 2004 musical styles from different cultures seeking new sounds and rhythms, this work seeks to merge different cultural contexts in which they are inserted language jazz, Brazilian rhythms and techniques of flamenco guitar. Currently Rinaldo Vitorinni is performing concerts in Sao Paulo and pre-producing their second album.


In 2010 he recorded his first cd Affinities. With their own sound composer mixing jazz, flamenco and Brazilian music.