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Ringo Deathstarr

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Ringo Deathstarr"

Shoegaze is back. And believe me, I've had my misgivings about the recent popularity surge of yet another decades-old rock subgenre, because at this point recycle-bin post-modernism can officially go fuck itself. But the fact is that shoegaze's central conceit—ethereal pop songs played at crushing volume—is so timeless, so rooted in rock tradition, that it's never really gonna go away. But I'm probably overthinking things, which Austin's Ringo Deathstarr didn't bother to do, thank God. Originally from the industrial gulf town of Beaumont, the Deathstarrs have their shit down cold: swooning textures, crushing volume, and above all, casually perfect pop songwriting. While the majority of bandwagoners the past few years have collected reams of press clippings on what pedals they use, without delivering a single standout track, Deathstarr's debut EP is stacked top to bottom with keepers. Opener "Swirly" delivers its titular promise with a maelstrom of piercing keyboard tones and moody chord bends. "Some Kind Of Sad" and "Down On You" inflict punk velocity on ringing guitars and affectless vocals, and the inevitable comparisons to the Jesus and Mary Chain are cheekily disarmed with the line "you taste like honeydew/and just like honey, too." More please. - Matthew DeWitt - Sky Skraper Magazine

"deEP end"

Ringo Deathstarr's superb debut EP (SVC Records) is instant gratification for early-Nineties noise pop. Right from the gummy guitar of opener "Swirly" - its gorgeous, looped midsection could be a lost track from MBV's LOVELESS - the local fourpiece wears its influences smartly. Guitarist/singer Elliott Frazier's voice flows low and come-hither, adding to the narcotic fuzz of "Down on You" and "Starrsha," and at five songs, the EP leaves you wanting more. -Audra Schroeder - Austin Chronicle

"Ringo Deathstarr - Some Kind of Sad"

Austin, Texas' Ringo Deathstarr have a few things working against them. First, there's that almost too kitschy name. Then there's the fact that they meant to start a Jesus and Mary Chain fanclub, but started a band instead. But the winking self-awareness and punk throttle showcased on "Some Kind of Sad" bring toughness to their geeked-out moniker and put their Reid brothers fandom to good use. Their pulsing layers of feedback and those droll, deadpan vocals are ripped straight from Psychocandy, but the galloping, amphetamine rhythms are harder charging than even the most amped up track on that album. After all, "Some Kind of Sad" flies by in barely two minutes, and the only reason the song is that long is because it features a 20-second outro of humming reverb. Other bands that drink from the same inspirational well mimic the guitar squall or the Ronettes worship, often forgetting just how dangerous or aggressive those early Jesus and Mary Chain songs were. But Ringo Deathstarr builds "Some Kind Of Sad" on a snarling foundation that recalls their influences in attitude as well as execution. This band isn't just the sum of their pedal effects and their record collection, though. With a name like theirs, they were bound to also have a wry sense of humor. So, as if to blunt the criticism that they are too imitative of their heroes, there is actually a moment where they quote them directly, singing, "You taste like honeydew/ Just like honey, too." At least I think that's what they are saying; with vocals buried under a wall of echo, it's hard to know for sure. - Pitchforkmedia.com

"Ringo Deathstarr"

This EP can only be described as a critical buy - some tracks sound like a genetically enhanced version of the Reid Brothers (sullen and surly as ever, to be sure) whilst other tracks have the focus, drive and power of a band like Ride and one track, in particular, easily has the breadth of vision and sheer beauty that Shields et al possessed at their once dizzy heights (once you buy the EP you can get in touch and tell me which one you think it is!). It is five stars all the way, and then some. Essential, in fact. I want more. So, get it in or I'll revert to huff-merchant type. I mean it, man. - ...And Before The First Kiss

"Ringo Deathstarr EP"

Ringo Deathstarr, like their contemporaries Manhattan Love Suicides take their cue from bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, early My Bloody Valentine and Meat Whiplash to produce indie pop of the highest order. Their feedback inspired chainsaw like guitars produce a tonic for ones ears. The EP's best track Some Kind Of Sad is pure JAMC circa 1984 whilst tracks like Sweet Girl is reminiscent of the fuzzy tunes the Primitives produced whilst on Lazy Records and no they haven't got a female singer! Others have compared the band to the likes of The Telescopes and other shoegazing bands but believe me when I say this EP is more "Upside Down" or "Don't Slip Up" then "Perfect Needle" or "You Made Me Realise". Essential stuff. Buy - indiemp3.co.uk

"Single of The Week"

SINGLE OF THE WEEKRingo Deathstarr - 'Ringo Deathstarr EP' Hailing from America's spiritual home of indie rock, Austin in Texas, the fantastically-named Ringo Deathstarr have just released their first ever record and already their as-loud-as-we-possibly-can philosophy has won them comparisons to Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine and, most of all, the Jesus and Mary Chain. It's unsurprising too, 'Some Kind of Sad' sounds like it's leapt straight off of 'Psychocandy', given itself a lick of paint and presented itself bollock-naked to a startled Reid Brothers. Despite sounding like the Millennium never happened, Ringo Deathstarr are one of the most exciting new discoveries in years and, should the nu-gaze scene come to fruition as it keeps on threatening to do, they'll be heading it up. - culturedeluxe.com

"Ringo Deathstarr EP"

"the best shoegaze record of the year" - Skatterbrain.org

"Caught 'em in Autumn"

Any old band whose singer ends a set by dry-humping his guitar so it emits an ear-splitting squeal of feedback can catch your eye, but Ringo Deathstarr's also really loud. The tinnitus-inducing combination of volume and reverb isn't anything new, but the quartet, led by singer/guitarist Elliott Frazier, takes its forefathers' advice and turns up the tremolo anyway. Their recent self-titled EP, awash in reverb with very pointed guitars underneath the squall, makes you long for the days of 120 Minutes, as Frazier's often Jim Reid's sonic twin. It would be easy to cook up a new genre for a post-shoegaze (nu-gaze?) band like RD, but, as Frazier demonstrated, lust-core is really more appropriate. – Audra Schroeder - Austin Chronicle


Ringo Deathstarr EP (all 5 songs have radio or streaming radio play)
1. Swirly
2. Starrsha
3. Some Kind of Sad
4. Down on You
5. Sweet Girl

Single - Rats Live on No Evil Star (included on a compilation from Planting Seeds Records)



After releasing a self Titled EP on the UK's SVC records, Ringo Deathstarr have been playing around the United States for the last 2 years with bands such as The Dandy Warhols, The Black Angels, A Place To Bury Strangers, Swervedriver, Tilly and the Wall, Voxtrot, Spindrift, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, and A Sunny Day In Glasgow, and Appearing at the last 3 SXSW festivals, and CMJ 2008. 2009 will see them return to CMJ, tour in Japan and UK, finish their full length album, and release various 7'' records on SVC(UK), Custom Made Music(USA), and Club AC30(UK)

Ringo Deathstarr have been featured in Magnet Magazine: http://www.magnetmagazine.com/2008/11/16/ringo-deathstarr-hot-fuzz/

The band has also enjoyed radio play on many college and internet radio stations, such as Viva Radio, University of Washington's Rainy Dawg Radio, East Village Radio, WFMU from New York University of Texas' KVRX, KUT, and Austin TX 101X, as well as University of Maryland's WMUC, plus many others.

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