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"Rock is the proof"

Augusta rockers Ring of Saturn have nothing short of the stratosphere in their sights. They hope to be the next CSRA success story.


AUGUSTA, GA. - Twenty-three-year-old Augusta musician Scott Wells of Ring of Saturn is excited and he has a few reasons. "We are having our debut CD release party for 'Proof of Existence' at 1102 Friday. And the band is solid. Plus, we've just entered this year's Bodog Battle of the Bands contest."

Elated with his good month, Wells said, "I just signed up for the competition. It will be a while before we find out if we are even in the preliminary rounds. But I am hopeful. I know the guys from The Mood that were in it last year. It really helped them."

Despite its extraterrestrial name, Ring of Saturn is grounded locally. Wells lends his vox and guitars talents. Gary Harden keeps beat via his drums. James Maples switches between an upright and electric bass. And Sean Gallaher glues it all together with his rhythm guitar.

They've all been in and out of bands in the CSRA for years. Wells said, "We've been together for less than a year. But I am proud that we've already managed to write and record a full-length album."

Ring of Saturn's quick growth can be linked to Wells' ambitions. "I went to school for business. At one point we said to ourselves, 'If a label won't sign us, we'll just become our own.'"

They started an indie label called Out of This World Records. "If we are successful, we will sign other bands. We started out to do a demo album. But I got to thinking we had the monetary investment to do it ourselves. And we can make a lot more happen with a complete album."

Music runs in Wells' family. "My grandfather, Tommy Wells, was a bluegrass folksy musician. He had his own public access show in Panama City in Florida.

"I never met him, but I inherited two acoustic guitars from him. One is a 10th anniversary Ovation and the other a Les Paul Gibson Custom. That one is so valuable I have to leave it at my dad's place."

The gifts brought Wells to the guitar. "I had played tuba in school, but taught myself the guitar after I got those."

For his vocal talent, he thanks his DNA, too. "Everyone on my mother's side is very vocally inclined. My grandmother is in the church choir and my uncle, Greg Goodwin, was just the lead here in [Augusta's production of] 'South Pacific.'"

Wells said his musical tastes reach into bands such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. His dream would be to tour with Our Lady Peace and Tool. "Our band sounds nothing like them," he admitted, "but I'd love to meet those guys."

When asked what Ring of Saturn plays, Wells paused before replying. "I can't really say we sound like anyone else. We are different and that could really help us. The only thing I've heard is people say they can hear Incubus in my vocals."

The name has a definite ring to it, and Wells said it was simply a matter of elimination. "I literally went to MySpace to check profiles. I typed in all these names we thought sounded good to make sure of what was already taken."

The album's title, "Proof of Existence," was also strategic. "I thought it sounds like outer space and the rings of Saturn. But again, I thought it was pretty clever word play for a debut album."

After their CD launch party, the album will be available through MySpace. His inner businessman adds, "You can save shipping and handling by buying it at shows for $10. That's a dollar a song."

Ring of Saturn
CD Release Party
1102 Bar and Grill
Friday, June 29
9 p.m.
1102downtown.com - Metro Spirit

"Ring of Saturn lays down heartfelt tunes"

Scott Wells has found catharsis in a rock-band release...

Mr. Wells, the principal songwriter for the Augusta act Ring of Saturn, began the project as a way of exorcising emotional baggage. Soon he discovered that with some rock arrangements and the cooperation of like-minded musicians Gary Harden, James Maples and Sean Gallaher, his musings were becoming an album of often heavy and always heartfelt music.

"I write from the heart," Mr. Wells said. "I write about my emotions. It's a reflection of me. A tool for me. It really is like speaking to myself."

Ring of Saturn quickly evolved into a true band experience.

The group recently completed work on Proof of Existence and will celebrate the release Friday with a CD release party at 1102 Broad Street. Mr. Wells said the band, the CD and the performance all fulfill the same simple goal.

"I've always been a very shy and introverted person," he said. "Initially, I didn't even want anyone to hear me play. But I've discovered I like sharing who I am and that, for me, is an awesome thing."

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WHAT: Ring of Saturn

WHEN: Friday

WHERE: 1102, 1102 Broad St.

COST: $3 - Augusta Chronicle


2007 - Proof of Existence



After years of going it as a solo act, Scott Wells met up with two talented musicians and life-long friends Gary Harden and James Maples to form the group Ring of Saturn. Gathering old material and cranking out new tunes, they quickly managed to get into the production of their debut album later to be titled, "Proof of Existence". While producing the album it became clear that another guitar player would be needed for live performances. Sean Gallaher was a close friend and fit the role perfectly.
Discovered on MySpace by the producers of the Rockers for Life campaign, Ring of Saturn was asked to appear on their Atlanta region compilation album which will be available July 2007.