Rings of June

Rings of June


The music of Rings of June is evocative, emotional and beautifully melodic. Haunting vocals with tremendous power and range, guitars that weave intriguing musical tapestries, and poetic lyrics that marry the cascades of the melody. This intense music connects directly to the mind, heart and soul.


Sarah Boucher and Jeff Stamp met in June 2001. They began a creative musical collaboration, and Rings of June was born the following year.

Sarah Boucher is a classically trained vocalist and pianist, with a deep appreciation for many different styles of music. She started performing at an early age, and this led to a passionate interest in musical theatre. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Although her main interest has always been in the alternative/indie/folk/experimental/rock music scene, she also has a love for electronic styles, celtic ballads, blues and opera. Whether the music is intense or calming, this singer/songwriter connects emotionally through her wide, powerful vocal range and sensitive piano playing.

Guitarist Jeff Stamp comes from his own divided school of music. Having a limited music education, he has experimented with many different sounds and genres. Alot of his music is filled with melodic minors, sensual vibrations, distortions and busy notes. With gentle vocals and unique, diverse guitar playing, this songwriter has created a sound unto himself.

Heidi Evans has travelled the world of percussion in her own backyard. From rock and jazz to classical percussion; samba to saiidi, she has been coaxing the rhythm out of various drums for over 20 years. She is a multi-faceted artist and dancer.

Ben Knight has been performing as a musician in and around Toronto for many years, and shares his love of music with both Rings of June and as a children's performer in the Ontario schools and community centers. His upside down and backwards grumblestick (bass guitar) adds both strength and melodic colour to the foundation of the band. Ben is also a successful sports writer with Sportsnet.ca.

These artists speak from their hearts, and their music holds genuine truth and honesty which connects with those who hear it.


CD's Available - Rings of June (Self Titled Album) is available in stores throughout Muskoka, online through CD Baby and ww.myspace.com/ringsofjune and at live shows.

AIR PLAY - 105.5 FM (Huntsville, ON)

Set List

Typical evening set lists have ranged anywhere from one (1) 45 min. set, to two (2) 45 min. sets throughout an evening. (Longer set lists can be arranged if needed). Rings of June enjoys sharing the stage usually with one or two other acts/bands during a three hour playing night.

A typical set list for Rings of June consist of original material, with a couple of cover songs throughout the night. Sarah Boucher & Jeff Stamp (the co-creators/writers for the band) have performed as a duet (vocals, piano & guitar), a trio (flute) or with their full band (bass & drums). Rings of June is able to change the mood of the music throughout the performance to add diversity, while maintaining their unique sound and style.

(*Off their Recorded Album)
*I Reach
*Calm of My Space
*Shades of Blue
*Floating Little Pieces

Grey Day
Something's Gotta Give
Dear Mother
Pretty Lights
In The Park