Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Funk meets rock; Chili peppers meets Rage.
Rin Tin Tin has been turning heads and pelvic thrusting since its debut in 2009. With smooth bass riffs, quirky guitar licks, and jaunty tunes, Rin Tin Tin has established itself as one of the hottest white girl rap bands on this side of the Mississippi.


Once upon a time, a geeky sophomore girl spontaneously wrote the opening lines of a rap in chemistry class. With a bass line to match, she fit the lyrics and music together—Squishin’ was the result. At first a silly distraction, bass playing and rap writing began to grow on Erin Little. She decided to turn her goofy rap into a real song, with the help of her hip friend Ellyn Stroud . One late night collaboration turned into a hobby turned into the band Rin Tin Tin. A quirky and awkward Catholic school girl herself, Ellyn Stroud defies all stereotypes when she emulates Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Anthony Kiedis in her raps. Erin recruited her boyfriend of two years, Andy Marin, to play guitar. The three were introduced to the eye candy of the band, Grey Vracin, when they recorded Squishin’ through the local music school Zounds Sounds. Without a drummer, Rin Tin Tin had no idea how they would record the song. Grey was thrown into the mix and hit the ground running—Rin Tin Tin was born.

The band’s initiation took place at their first show at Deep Ellum’s famous Club Dada. The group has gone on to perform in Fort Worth, Farmer’s Branch, Lake Highlands, and various clubs in Deep Ellum. Rin Tin Tin’s “big break” thus far was their show at the House of Blues at a battle of the bands—bringing home the third place prize and the phone number of the venue’s owner.

If you’ve seen Rin Tin Tin play live, it becomes apparent that the band’s main priority is to have fun. They’re known for their swagger and their incorporation of funky accessories such as: Darth Vader t-shirts, skirts (for the guys), Indian costumes, bell bottoms, fake beards, and dinosaur footie pajamas.

In short, Rin Tin Tin is exceedingly entertaining and enjoyable. Sit back, relax, and let the funk in.

Set List

Werdy Derdz
Rock 'n Mosh
Soul Power
Handshakes and Business Cards
Grey's Song