Rio Bent

Rio Bent


Vancouver's premier female fronted punk rock-n-roll band. Smart, well arranged, fully developed songs, an infectious stage show and good looks makes Rio Bent a band to watch. Literally


We play rock music that people seem to like. Even People who don't typically like female-fronted bands. We're good at what we do, and craft well-rounded but edgy, high-energy songs.


EP - six choice cuts from our EARLY days
Full Length yet to be released. We are played on internet radio stations as well as the Fox in Vancouver

Set List

Drawing from a pool of over 20 songs, we play on average, between seven and 10 songs in a set, or about 30-45 minutes. As we are all awkward nerds, patter is kept to a minimum, making way for songs to be strung back to back to back in the most audibly pleasing manner.