The Rion Rose

The Rion Rose

 Strasburg, Virginia, USA

A single singer songwriter on a stage, Dana Connors has a range of acoustic selections from gross comedy to love ballads to angry politico. This acoustic act most recently released an album entitled "Contagious Optimist."


The Rion Rose is a conglomeration of instruments and interests that will never leave you bored, but will always get you guessing.

This is indie acoustic at its ... something.

Dana Connors is a single singer songwriter on a stage. We're talking a range of acoustic selections from love ballads, to angry politico to gross comedy.

Dana is off the farm and Contagious Optimist, the first album, is off and running. Back in the hills and back to hillbilly, we're writing and recording like flies. Flies who record, that is.

Now that Contagious Optimist is together, we're well on our way to album number two. Look for faster beats and irksome lyrics.


Clear Point Centered

Written By: Dana E. Connors

There’ s a war brewing outside that door
A battle between the rich and the poor
Among the mighty and the meek
And the strong and the weak
And we can’t take no more
What’s the point?

We hide ourselves and we leave no room
From what we fear in the dark and the gloom
From the tears and the pain
And the cold and the rain
I know there’s something more
There’s a point

In the middle of the waste there’s an open space
Deep inside a peaceful place
A clear point
Look outside and you’ll recall
It’s between us and in us all
The clear point
We’re the point

After the running and the digging down
All we find are holes in the ground
Sticks and stones and no welcome homes
And we need something more
We’ve reached the point

We’re done with the need and the greed and the hate
The point is love and it can’t wait
The end point


Mr. Beeps

Written By: Dana E. Connors

Squeakers took a tumble
Balls flapping through the sky
It’s always me who stumbles
Says he crying “why?”

Like a humpty dumpty
Life shattered into bits
The second no the third time
Life becomes the pits

Life’s a lonely road
Gets lonelier as you go
Drive it on and let it be
There’s always more to know
We may fall but at least we’re free
Mr. Beeps and me

Squeakers takes on the world
Finds reward along the way
Opportunities unfurled
If he can take it day by day

Here and there he trips up
Takes a little too much on
He always keeps his chin up
He knows he must go on


Contagious Optimist

Written By: Dana E. Connors

Bleak and black in a world of rain
We may have met us just in time
You knew too well your sad refrain
Now you and me in the same fast lane

Suspicion lurks behind your eyes
But stay with me and play my game
I know it’s been a long hard ride
We’ll leave this road and soon we’ll fly

The white lines hold a special glow
Only the one called pilot knows
Asleep in the back you don’t see
What we leave or what we’ll be
I’ll fly you there
Through the night trust in me
I’ll fly you there

You hooked your who man once before
But he took to walk a wavy line
Left you behind and second door
Leaving you looking for more

Was free to roam without a bind
Fixed just fine but a lonesome core
Then was dealt one of like kind
Now me for you and yours for mine


Each will find just what he needs
The contagious optimist to be
Through the fire and many a flea
Steal your piece of peace
Steal your prince of peace


Contagious Optimist

Set List

13 songs can run an hour. With a few words in between. A typical set list:

Ce n'etait pas moi
Devil's Tail
Love is Like a Kevin
Contagious Optimist
Mikey Lives
Mary's Merry
Clear Point Centered
Lab Coat Control
Beer Debt