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The best kept secret in music


"The Corduroy hits up Hodi's"

"The Corduroy considers itself a "feel good" band, one that tells a story with both lyrics and music. THey want to put out a "complete product" and create an environment for people to dance and have a good time.
And, if this four-member band has its way, they'll achieve it all at The Corduroy's first Fort Collins show this Saturday at Hodi's Half Note.
When the four young musicians- three of them CSU students- were attempting to name the band, they threw any number of ideas on the table. Names included The Legophonic, The Corduroy Cactus and The Filthy Struts, to name a few.
'We had about four billion ideas before we came up with this one,' Jeremy Campbell said. Campbell plays both the guitar and saxophone, in addition to being the vocalist in the band.
But, in the end, they went with The Corduroy for a feeling of genre ambiguity and comfort.
'I mean, corduroy was used by rich, fat guys back in the day to sit around and be comfortable... its a little more for everyone,' Campbell said.
'It's a name that isn't suggestive to any genre,' McGraw said.
And the band has taken significant efforts to put out a sound that can't be categorized.
'We're kind of all over the place,' McGraw said. 'I don't even know if we are trying to go for any one thing.'
'I guess, if I had to say, we are reggae with a bluegrass feel to it,' said drummer Brett Brewer.
Campbell, a construction management major, met the other three members at various times throughout his life and introduced the three musically-inclined friends to each other, creating The Corduroy six months ago. Since their conception, Campbell says, they have created a full set and an original sound.
'We're all into playing funky stuff... it's an eclectic mix of music,' bassist Mike McGraw said. 'It's like we connect musically, speak musically... like it's another language.'
Alongside similar tastes in tunes, the band members have also developed a connection without the instruments.
'We're all friends,' Campbell said. 'If you aren't friends outside the band, you can't have the chemistry inside the band.'
And chemistry, he says, is one thing that may keep his band apart from the rest.
'I come in with these ideas of mine and the band makes them complete... it wouldnt be nearly what it is without these guys,' Campbell said. 'It's a nice melting pot and it's the only way to achieve a good sound.'
Campbell, who writes most of the lyrics, said The Corduroy roots in many genres of music, but certainly has a strong influence from folk, bluegrass and funk.
'My lyrics are about real things,' Campbell said. 'A lot of lyrics are based on hittin' the road, like a journey... like it's all going to be OK.'
McGraw says he just wants to inspire others.
'I want to be making music that moves people,'
McGraw said.
While the members of The Corduroy have lofty musical goals for the future, right now they're just happy jamming together and finding a sound that they can call their own.
- The Rocky Mountain Collegian, by Jessi Stafford

"Front Porch Weather Report- CD Review"

All too often, a band with horns that takes solos, doesn’t play straight up rock, and doesn’t have vocals in every song is lumped into that “jam band” category. This has been said of The Corduroy on many occasions, but they are so much more and their release of Front Porch Weather Report should change some mindsets by showcasing this jazz influenced funk band.

The overall vibe of the record is a true representation of Colorado: laid back, groovy, and fun. Think drinking beers at the Mishawaka on a hot summer day.

Some very key things happen on the album: Mike McGraw is an incredibly versatile bass player and at the album’s finest, he slaps that thing around. Pair him up with drummer Brett Brewer and the stage is set for funky. Members of the Corduroy have some formal jazz training and it shows in their solo work. Lots of good impov is happening, which is hard to accomplish on a recorded album. The dueling saxophones are very reminiscent of the dueling vocals, as they are both diverse and distinct.

My pick for best track on the album is a tossup between “Conscionable,” which is a funky jam that modulates, uses lots of rhythms and styles and has you moving around as you listen, and “Wonderful Time,” which has a New Orleans feel hanging out on the Benny Hill show.
Final word: Front Porch Weather Report is worth the listen. You may even be a “jam band” fan and didn’t know it.

-By Greta Cornett - The Scene Magazine

"Waka Winter Classic Winners"

Waka Winter Classic Winners


We'd like to announce and congratulate our 2009 Waka Winter Classic winners! Gem, Funkotron, Uncle Lucius, GreenSugar, Damn Bullets, LFDC Funk, David Hasselhoff on Acid, The Corduroy, Mountain Standard Time, Copesetic, The Moai Broadcast, Uniphonics, Reelfoot, Blue Martian Tribe, Runnin' Wild Band and Spotting Waldo. They join our previously announced artists. More artist announcements coming soon! -

"Double Dipping"

Fort Collins funky band The Corduroy win the Wakarusa Classic and Summer Camp On the Road, which land them a coveted spot at both popular summer festivals, in the same week. - Scene Magazine


The Corduroy released their first LP entitled "Front Porch Weather Report" in October '08 and have performed live on KRFC on two occasions in 2008.



Drawing from Rock, Funk and Bluegrass, Fort Collins’ The Corduroy has established a foundation of unique compositions that enable them to entertain a wide variety of music patrons. One simply has to take the time to see this act live to see their honest, original mix of these styles paired with their propensity to explode on stage.

Having already generated a huge buzz in home state Colorado, The Corduroy has begun to stretch its wings into the Mid-West and the South. In May they will tour these markets, culminating with appearances at Wakarusa Festival with The Black Crowes and Matisyahu and Summer Camp Festival with Willie Nelson and Moe. In August, they will perform at the 20th annual New West Fest in Fort Collins. Electric performances, extensive touring and a new album make this one of the hottest bands to watch in 2009.