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Rumson, New Jersey, United States

Rumson, New Jersey, United States
Band Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Stone Pony"

"These guys worked hard onstage, were tight as a drum and had the best stage FX I've ever seen at the Pony."
- Mark Voger, Asbury Park Press (May 04, 2008) - Asbury Park Press

"Side Project Status"

"Riotgod shouldn't be reduced to side project status. The Red Bank-based band, which includes Monster Magnet bassist Jim Baglino and drummer Bob Pantella, stands on its own."
- Ed Cochran, Asbury Park Press (May 02, 2008) - Asbury Park Press

"derivative band"

" more than a derivative band here... not just some retro thing either, Riotgod have their own edge and they’re kicking it all in to the timeless rock beyond. Fresh band, armed with a finished album and all on the launch pad, waiting for you and ready to go "
- (Oct 31, 2008) -

"No cliche"

"This is not the same old 'cliche-of-the-day' modern American rock. Riotgod is onto something quite good, and dare I say, creative here with their roots-laden heavy melodic rock. They've got the vision and talent to challenge current trends. Very recommended!"
- Craig Hartranft, (Jan 24, 2009) -


"Red Bank's RiotGod launches into the stratosphere with a collection of high-grade rock and roll songs... and not a clunker in the bunch. Nice when that happens."
- JJ Koczan, East Coast Rocker (Feb 11, 2009) - East Coast Rocker

"germany loves us!"

"these guys from New Jersey are second to none, making their own mark through the very distinctive singer or the pumping teamwork between the rhythmsection and the guitarist. Because all tracks testify to this, I abstain from a concrete list of outstanding material."
- Michael Bambas, (Apr 19, 2009) - Metal News

"power music"

"All songs are catchy, full of power... there is definitely no filler on this album. But this is not a Stoner Rock record you have heard 100 times before, it is unique and after the songs you will put with a smile the repeat button. "
- Jochen, Daredevil Records (May 09, 2009) - Daredevil Records

"Album of 2009"

"I gave a quick listen to a couple different tracks over at their ReverbNation site before replying. A couple weeks went by and in my mailbox appeared what has quickly turned out to be one of my favorite albums of 2009."
- Swede, FatCat Radio (Jul 25, 2009) - FatCat Radio

"Magnificent Melting Pot"

"Indeed, I can't believe it's an independent release as they've managed to create a magnificent meltpot of retro 70's hardrock and 90's grunge. One minute you're listening to basic Led Zeppelin vibes and the other it's Soundgarden 'ala 'Down On The Upside'."
- Urban "Wally" Wallstrom, Rock United (Jul 18, 2009) - Rock United


Self titled RIOTGOD debut CD, 2009 (fullbelly music)



RiotGod. Four creative players who decided in 2007 to make the music they wanted to hear -- inspired by everything they had ever listened to and enjoyed, looking for that infinite sustain.

Inspiration is a staple of daily existence -- music is really IT -- it simply permeates every waking moment of the day -- need one say anything more?

"...I took a deep breath as I slid Deep Purple's Fireball out of the sleeve and placed it on my dad's turntable. I already knew everything sounded better loud so I cranked up the volume, dropped the needle and waited. There was those first few crackles, that crazy hydraulics sound (or whatever it is... I still don't know) and then the fury of Ian Paice rattling that drum kit like I never could have imagined before that moment. That was pretty much all it took and I was hooked. From then on I have been in search of that moment over and over again." - Meades Bros. Canada taken from their MySpace blog.

In search of that moment over and over again -- RiotGod's members look to create music that evokes that "moment."

They have produced their debut CD and promote it mercilessly, and at all times thinking -- what next -- what can we do next?

Seeking to spawn that rock and roll intangible, to do it until they drop dead, to make that album people can wear out....