Riot Inside

Riot Inside


Riot Inside is an unbridled outbreak. A hard hitting rock band in an industry that seems to have forgotten about rock. Riot Inside is bringing real rock back to the world.


At a time when rock music has been pushed aside in favor of angst-ridden emo, sugar-coated pop punk and overly-simplistic indie rock, Riot Inside is taking a stand and leading a movement to bring energy, performance, and musicianship back to the scene. With influences like Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Tool, Black Sabbath and Band of Gypsies, the masses are taking notice every time Riot Inside hits the stage. In a time where rock has been left for dead, Riot Inside is bringing it back to the forefront with raw energy and attitude that electrifies their music.

Based in Chicago, Riot inside hales from various parts of one of the most vibrant music cities in the world. The members of this 5-piece band found each other through a shared desire to give rock music a shot in the arm without losing sight of the detail and finesse it takes to write great songs. The goal to combine the ferocity of Guns N’ Roses, the songcraft of the Beatles, and the larger-than-life stage presence of Jimi Hendrix has been achieved. As a result, Riot Inside wins over every audience, every time. No exceptions.


Demo 2008
Riot Inside EP 2009

Set List

A normal set is anywhere from 30-60 min. Originals with one or two covers depending on set length.