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"Riott Rockette Hosts Disco Bloodbath!"

Disco Bloodbath featuring DJ Ostara, DJ Bone and more
9 p.m. Friday
The Conservatory
8911 N. Western

Now in its sixth year, Disco Bloodbath is the brainchild of a group of local artists and performers determined to bring something fresh to Oklahoma City’s club scene.

“My friends Jakob, Robyn, and myself ... we were all kind of tired of going out to the same old club nights and parties, and are all kind of people with a deep flair for the dramatic and a love for dressing up, so we figured we’d start throwing our own events,” said co-founder Austin Greene.

The original Bloodbath event was envisioned as an homage to the club scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s, and according to Greene, the idea caught on pretty well. “The first Bloodbath was kind of a quick fix of Halloween in the summertime, and I guess we weren’t the only people who had that same craving,” he said.

“The first year’s theme was simply ‘Disco Bloodbath’ — an anything-goes-so-long-as-it’s-bloody kinda thing — but every year after, we’ve added a sub-theme to keep things entertaining and maybe a little challenging to our guests looking to build a wild outfit for the night,” Greene said.

Past themes have included “Take Me to the Hospital,” “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter” (a slaughterhouse), and “A Midsummer Night’s Scream” (a nod to the darker side of mythology and fairies), which Greene felt featured the best costumes and decorations so far.

Gory highlights from previous years include one guest who managed to coat the ceiling above the dance floor with fake blood that emanated from her costume and dripped on the crowd. Inspired by this, for the following year’s Bloodbath, Greene made and hung gutted papier-mâché pigs whose pantyhose intestines dripped fake blood all night.

“While the blood is mainly confined to the costumes, I do want to stress that chances are you’ll probably get some on you if you show up,” he said.

For the sixth year of Disco Bloodbath, Greene said that “6 ... 66” was just too of a theme good not to use.

“What better inspiration for a crazy party with people all covered in blood and gore than hell?”
he said.

This year’s party features music provided by several DJs, including Bone, who has been participating since the first event. Greene said that because audiences like to hear a broad spectrum of genres at the event, DJs are welcome to spin whatever they want.

“Generally, there’s lots of electro, synth-pop, industrial, acid house, New Wave and break beats, but every now and then, we get some punk or Goth or drum-and- bass thrown in for good measure,” he said.

Handmade clothing, paintings, prints and sculptures will be on display. A costume contest will be hosted by Riott:Rockette, including a brief homage to one of the more notorious historical sinners, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous “Lady of Blood.”

Greene anticipates this year’s theme might just give the blood-drenched fairy land of “Midsummer Night’s Scream” a run for its money, in terms of creative costuming.

“There are a ton of possibilities: devils, demons, anyone who might be in hell or may go to hell, fallen angels and the like all fit the bill,” he said. “If you at least show up with some fake blood on you, we’ll count that as a costume. But that’s the easy way out!”

As for his own costume, he doesn’t want to give too much away, but he will say “it involves way too many horns and more than one latex corpse face as an accessory.” —Eric Webb
- Oklahoma Gazette

"Glam and Dance Like Never Before"

Do not miss this new styled dance electronica act that utilizes the experience of a dance party with turntablist combined with live act all mixed seamlessly. The music blends into the live act like it was all one entity. Combined with the fashion of the bands dancers there is no way anybody could be bored and escape inspiration at their shows. - Oklahoma Rock!


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once upon a time there was a head shaped hole in the universe. one side held together a world we live in today, the other side was made entirely of colorful sounds. out of this side a moon gave birth to a star. on the star lived colony of people. the people spent all day and all night dancing. they danced iridecent stains everywhere they went and operated only on music. each beat hit thier lungs so that they were forced to breathe. thier veins ran smoothly on sythesized lines and blood pumping bass. one day one wild child decided why keep all of this here? why not take it thru the head shaped hole? a riott broke out, there was a break dance fight. one group sided that thier world was perfect, balanced, and heaven. the other side said that there is a whole universe of lame people with no sense of fashion, no good music, no nightlife, and no fun, and they need help! so RIOTT decided to jump on a star studded ROCKet and crash land on earth. ever since that day RIOT ROCKETTE has spilled his big fat super sonic riots into the streets.

ok, so thats not really how this happened at all. But now here I am with my dancers, inspiration and DJ.