rio wiley

rio wiley

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop R&B




"Best Local Music Phoenix"

"...a full-length debut of soulful indie-pop called RIVER." - AZ Central

"Live: Baseline, Summaries, The Breaking Pattern, and Rio Wiley"

Recommended Song: Silver & Gold - Luxicon Photography/Blog

"Homegrown With Mo Band: Rio Wiley “The Love We Used To [Share]”"

"The project draws influences from various genres of music, including pop, rock, and acoustic. Lyrically, Rio tells personal experiences crafted in poetry to describe the deepest emotions experienced through our relations with one another." - Alt AZ 93.3FM

"Rio Wiley: Interview"

"My favorite part of any show is interacting with the crowd and seeing fans sing along." - RW - Electric Daze Magazine

"Indie Rock Music November 2016, Vol. II"

"Stinger’s solo work is heavily influences from various genres of music, but mostly from radio pop rock, as well an occasional acoustic-leaning track..." - Indie Rock Cafe


tired & done (2016)
anxiety (2017)
all in (2018)
her (2018)

young ghost (2016)
U.B.L. (2017)
less low (2017)
TBA (2019)

RIVER (2019)



Rio Wiley Stinger is an Arizona-based singer, songwriter, and producer.  He is most well known for his solo alt-pop project Rio Wiley (stylized rio wiley). He was born on June 29, 1995 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Beginning in his early childhood, Rio had an affinity towards singing, performing, and composing music.  After learning music theory in grade school, he applied this knowledge to a variety of instruments, including piano, drums, guitar, and bass.  While still performing and composing, he attended Arizona State University and obtained two bachelor's degrees in business and a masters degree in education.  Rio is a registered BMI songwriter, and has writing credit on over 50 published songs.  Rio Wiley has released two EPs (‘young ghost’, ‘less low’), one full length (‘RIVER’), as well as several singles in between.  Rio’s eclectic, hip-hop/rock genre-bending music and confessional lyric style invites one to an intimate listening experience. Even more magnetizing are his live shows, in which live instrumentation is orchestrated into the performance of studio releases.

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