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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop




"#A3C15 x ATLHIPHOP.COM interviews Rippa Da Kid"

Checkout the ATLHIPHOP.COM #A3C15 exclusive interview with Rippa Da Kid as he talks about his time here in Atlanta at the A3C. Watch the full interview here on Interviewed by DJ Aquaria. - See more at: - ATLHIPHOP.COM

"Who Is Rippa Da Kid?"

Rippa Da Kid is an up and coming artist from Miami, Florida who grew up in the Opa- Locka area. He is very dedicated to make it big as an artist and he recently sat down with us for a quick inside look of what he has going on. Today I bring to you Visionarry Records recording artist own Rippa Da Kid to Let’s start this interview off by introducing yourself to the people that don’t already know who you are.

Rippa Da Kid: What it is world? This the young homie Rippa Da Kid, your favorite rapper’s favorite ghostwriter. The new face of the South! Better yet the new face of the nation and beyond! Believe that. How did you come up with your name Rippa Da Kid?

Rippa Da Kid: When I was younger, I was going by the name Young Spyda. My nigga Loaf took me to uptown Lil Haiti where I linked up with Snake the Great. Me an Snake were freestylin’ back to back on 7’O. When we stopped he asked, what’s your stage name? I told him Young Spyda. He said, naw nigga fuck a young Spyda nigga you Rippa! (Lol) Then I linked up with Keep It 100 Records own Black Prince, he added Da kid cause I’m young and snapping in the booth. Since then, Rippa Da Kid that Beat Slaughterer you dig? What does Rippa Da Kid brings to the music world? And what separates you from the next up and coming artist coming out of Miami?

Rippa Da Kid: I really bring versatility to the music world. A lot of these rappers rap and lie about the same thing. I make Great music for everyone to vibe to you feel me? My Lyrical ability really separates me from a lot of artists out of Miami. When I feature on other artist’s song, I literally send them back to go rewrite they verse! That’s trill. With Miami being a hot spot for label exec’s to pick up new talent in “The South,” can you tell the people who did you listen to growing up? Who influenced you as an artist?

Rippa Da Kid: Growing up, I was really listening to 2pac, Biggie, Nas, the Fugees, Snoop Dogg, Eight Ball & MJG, UGK, OutKast, Hot Boyz, Master P and the whole no limit. I’d say Pac influenced me as an artist when he was rapping about more of the positive than the negative stuff. He was versatile with it but kept it straight up 100 on every record. There is a new trend in Hip-Hop going around lately with artists where some people would say they “ got their card pulled”. Miami’s own Rick Ross was exposed for being a Correction Officer and Former Grand Hustle artist Alfamega as being an informant for the DEA. How do you feel about Hip-Hop latest turn? Why are artist lying about their past and not keeping it trill with their fans?

Rippa Da Kid: That shit crazy, I fuck with Ross though that’s home team. Ross admitted it at the last minute. I been hearing them rumors since 2004 before the media blew up that whole correctional officer bullshit. Shout out to the whole Triple C’s & MMG. It is rappers that rap about the things they done in the past and there are rappers that rap to make Good Music you feel me? But it is what it is, I make Great music an keep it 100 on everything. Explain to the fans where it all started for Rippa Da Kid?

Rippa Da Kid: It all started in the hood, I use to watch the older homies kick freestyles on the block a lot. I grew up around a lot of older people, never hung out with niggas my age. I went to freestylin with them at the park an always gathered a crowd every time I did. Then we went to a community college to freestyle an from there Loaf knew what time it was. As an artist do you utilize YouTube, MySpace and Twitter to promote your music?

Rippa Da Kid: Yeah im messin with all that for promotion you dig, I been getting great response on everything so im official. Can you tell the world how long you’ve been rapping and how long did it take to get to the level where you are now?

Rippa Da Kid: I been rapping since I was 11 years old. Constantly grindin it out, pushing the mixtapes through middle school and high school back then and making real good money off of it too(lol). It took me about 9 years to get to where im at. I always been a great Rapper in my city, A Great Writer also but in this rap game you go through a lot to get to the Top, trust that. Lets make a right turn at the light in go into FYE and talk about your music. What projects have you been working on? Can you clarify your current label situation for the folks at

Rippa Da Kid: Well im up under Visionarry Records, a Independent Label out of Miami. They know who we are when they see about 50 niggas in Black and White V T-shirts. We Just dropped that Street Fame Vol.2 (Unincorporated Dade) you could find that on and on and many more. Im about to drop my Solo Street Album, Presidents Day! Im telling ya its something serious! A lot of these rappers like to say “My album is a Movie!” but movies are fictional. My street album is a documentary. Raw/Uncut it would be crazy if I had Spike Lee hosting it! Lol Will your fans and soon to be fans can expect your debut album hitting stores soon?

Rippa Da Kid: Well I have a lot of mix tapes and some good situations I got to get settled first, but I’ll drop something Official the 2nd quarter of 2010. Guaranteed trill on everything, don’t sleep on Da Kid! How would the fans get in contact with you, if they wanted to listen to new music or even book you?

Rippa Da Kid: Check me out; you tube me Rippa Da Kid. Hit me up on the space, also Follow me, Contact my manager JAY for Booking, Features, Mix tape Hosting, ETC. I would like to thank you for providing with this exclusive interview; do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

Rippa Da Kid: You already know trill recognize trill! Presidents Day on the way so keep an eye out for that + more. Shout out to Estaxx you already know bruh, Shout out to Jae Mazor, Nic-Nak, Olo, Jd Mac, Yung Mac, Loaf, Black Scar, T Zoe, Joe Hound, Snake The Great, Jay Rock, Black Prince, E, Yung Taz, Kasper, Major Gauge, Desloc, Titus, Visionarry Records, Epidemic Music, Strictly Business Records, Keep it 100 records, Cleva Records what it is?! A movement that’s moving , $cream at me. 100 - E Staxx /

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"@HipHopPostal & @KeepItTrill – The Postal Invasion Mixtape by DJ FinalTouch & DJ Red Child ft Rippa Da Kid" and teams up to give the world their new mixtape series entitled “The Postal Invasion” and plans to set it off with “Invasion of The USA” Hosted by Certified DJ’s own DJ Final Touch and DJ Red Child. It’s set to drop on Thanksgiving Day! Artwork done by Hard Target GFX “Hard Target GFX is maybe the best designer for mixtape out of Florida with a quick turnaround”-ESTAXX of
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"Rippa Da Kid ft Jae Mazor (IDGAF)"

off Rippa’s new mixtape Field Trippin - Flyentology



I'm Rippa Da Kid, a Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter from Miami, FL aka the 305. I started writing hip hop music at the age of 13. I grew up listening to the greatest hip hop artists that change the game and pave the way for me to create rap music, and freestyle. Artists such as 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Snoop Dogg, and more. Seeing my favorite rappers in music videos doing what they love motivated me to become more than just a rapper or hip hop artist. It inspired me to be creative and know that there isn't any limit to create new music. Music have always been in my life; My mother and father were popular singers back in their home country of Haiti. the love and dedication they had to their music influenced me to work harder to be at the forefront of not only Miami music, but hip hop in general. Feel free to contact me at

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