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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop


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"Will This Gay Rapper's New Album Shake Up Mainstream Music?"

Over the past several years, a number of openly LGBT rappers have challenged the traditionally strict and heteronormative culture of hip-hop and rap and now another young artist is seeking to join their ranks.

Openly gay Ripparachie released his new album this month titled "Gifted And Young," an acronym for "GAY." The album seeks to directly confront the hyper-masculine music industry and the world's larger intolerance of homosexuality.

“Many are against what I stand for but, by competing for mainstream success," Ripparachie told The Huffington Post, "I know that I’ll eventually be recognized for my core craft and hustle. My material is written for everyone, whatever their creed, religion or sexuality."

A portion of the sales from "Gifted and Young" between March and July will be donated to "Pride Lafayette," an LGBT non-profit organization working in Ripparachie's hometown of Lafayette, IN.

To hear some of Ripparachie's work check out the video above, or head here to purchase "Gifted and Young" on Itunes. -

"Take 5: Rapper Ripparachie"

When local openly gay rapper Ripparachie recently posted a video on Worldstar Hip Hop, it quickly racked up more than 150,000 views.

But the more than 2,500 comments weren’t all nice. And they weren’t only about his music. Many posted hateful comments about his sexuality, he said.

That’s exactly the kind of attitude Ripparachie says he is standing up against. Whether you’re a basketball player or rapper, he said, you should be judged for your skills, not your preference.

The rapper was born DeMarquis Oden, and he has been rapping for years. But about two years ago, he came out, and he decided to be a positive voice for change.

He released his first CD, “F.A.G. Free and Genuine,” in 2012. Ripparchie follows up with “G.A.Y. Gifted and Young” Friday. It is available on iTunes. A portion of each sale between March and July will go to Pride Lafayette.

The rapper shared more here.

1 It's been a big year for gay rights, and artists such as Macklemore have spoken up. Does that help your cause?
It’s been a good year, and it’s only going to get better. I like that it’s opening up. What Macklemore did definitely helped a lot, but it’s going to take a lot more than that.

2 How is this album different from your last?
The last album was focused on speaking out against bullying and discrimination and speaking up for gay rights. This one is about being myself in hip-hop and stepping up my bar to prove that I’m ready. Every track is about what I’ve been going through this year. They say I can’t do this, and I’m doing it. I’m gay and I’m ready.

3 Why do you think being gay is less accepted in hip-hop?
I know people aren’t educated at times, but that’s why I’m still pushing. Because there are a lot of people who won’t come out because it’s just not accepted. Someone recently came out and tagged me in a post on Facebook saying my music helped them. That means a lot.

4 Why is it important for you to support Pride Lafayette?
Since I started doing this, Pride has done a lot for me, such as putting me in OUTfest. I feel like I should give back to my LGBT community.

5 You released your last two albums pretty quickly. Are you working on another?
Recently, I’ve been traveling to promote the album. I am not working on another album. Instead, I plan to work with Coin Team, my movement to promote change. We travel sharing the message of no bullying and being yourself. It’s what I do, but with a whole team. I’ll probably be more in the activist field. - Journal And Courier

"Take 5: Ripparachie"

Hip-hop artist Ripparachie has a message. The 21-year-old who is making a name for himself as a gay hip-hop artist wants to stop bullying and discrimination.

“I want to get rid of all the bad words so that people have no more to use and have to come up with new ones,” he said.

Known as Ripparachie, DeMarquis Oden released his first CD in May — “F.A.G. Free and Genuine.” He’s now working on a second, “G.A.Y.,” for “gifted and young.”

He said his songs are about telling people to be themselves and not to judge others.

This week, Oden released more songs on his website,, with the Rainbow Gang, a group of fellow artists that he hopes to turn into a record label. He said those songs are about defending himself within the hip-hop industry, which isn’t known for supporting gay people.

Growing up, he rapped for fun, and his rap-battle name was Little Rippa. He combined that with another nickname, Rachie, to come up with Ripparachie. “At first, I wasn’t a positive rapper,” he said. “But now I’m about bringing peace.”

1 What made you decide change your rap style?
I made the switch in March to be more positive. Around that time, there was the suicide at Tecumseh (Junior High School), and I thought if this is happening in my own community, I have to do something about it. That’s when I came out. I want to be the voice that stops this.

2 You're planning a tour, right? What else do you have coming up?
With the Free and Genuine tour, the person I’m working with to plan and promote it is busy until September so I’m hoping to do it afterward, but I don’t want to wait. I’m hoping to have performances and motivational speakers.… I’ll be performing at OUTfest and Indiana Black Pride in August.

3 What has your support been like?
When I first came out, my friend list went down, but I’ve added a lot of supporters. And I have a lot of supporters that I have who are straight people. I want to turn the negativity positive.

4 Where do you get your inspiration?
I don’t really listen to other artists, and there are no gay artists in hip-hop. But my motivation is seeing people change. I just find a lot of hip-hop music irrelevant to what I’m trying to do. I like instrumental.

5 What are your goals?
I want Lafayette to have a better view of rap and hip-hop. I want to encourage others to be themselves and have hometown support. I want to be the next major artist from Lafayette. This is an image I want to keep. - Journal And Courier

"Openly Gay Rapper Disses Indiana Governor"

"Mike’s probably on Grindr…."

Openly gay rapper Ripparachie has released a song directly aimed at the Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, after he signed a new 'religious freedom' bill into law.

The track, titled Mike Pence Dis #BoycottIndiana, features Ripparachie openly supporting the LGBT community as he raps “It’s 2015 and they still judging”.

But the lyrics get juicier than that… when addressing the governor he raps: “I’ma let him eat the booty like groceries,” and “Mike’s probably on Grindr.”

Oh dear! We're sure Governor Pence won’t be impressed with these lyrics. Maybe, sorta funny though, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. In one verse he says: “Mike Pence is an a-hole, even Miley says so.”

However, local residents of the state are worried the bill could lead individuals and businesses to discriminate against those within the LGBT community.

Towards the end of the song, Ripparachie gets a little more serious and tells the Governor to kick the bill out of his office.

Let’s just hope the Governor takes a listen… - Gay Times Magazine


"Gifted And Young" January, 2014
-iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon MP3

"F.A.G (Free And Genuine)" May, 2012
- iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3

"Rainbow Gang Or Go Blind" July, 2012



Ripparachie was born in Lafayette, IN on July 16th of 1991. Although rapping and being openly gay is still a taboo, these factors have not stopped this young pioneer from chasing his dream. Ripparachie came out in 2012 in hope to bring a positive change to the community. From breaking down "gay-bashing" words to standing up for the overall community, this artist is on the road to being much more than just a musician. "There is too much negativity being spread around, and that's why I am standing up for a change," says Ripparachie. Delivering fresh and edgy music that anyone can relate to.

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