RipRock Renegades

RipRock Renegades

 Gaffney, South Carolina, USA
BandRockHip Hop

...RipRock... A smooth blend of raw yet catchy beats, rough & crunchy guitar riffs, and rippin' emotional lyrics. The Renegades are more than just another group, they're a powerful musical force quickly rising up from the underground scene.


The RipRock Renegades were formed in 2005, by "J. Ruckus" and "Jack the Ripper".The two rappers started performing regularly in 2008, at small venues and house parties in up-state SC. Then in Janurary of 2009 they met "Leecroy" at a show in spartanburg,who later started recording guitar and bass parts to some of their songs. Now with a guitarist to liven up their stage performances it only seemed right to add a bassist and drummer.First in late Feburay they auditioned "Fro" on bass,and needed to look no futher,cause Fro"s playing exceeded their expectations.Two weeks later they meet "Animal" on craigslist and he auditioned on drums for the band. Animal like Fro exceeded RipRock's expectations and became the fifth and final member of the RipRock Renegades.After a few practices the Renegades started performing as a five piece band and have been ripping and rocking ever since.We would like to share who our influences are but our music sounds nothing like any of them and there are too many to list, but we would like to challenge anyone who hears our music to step up and say who we sound like cause no one has been able to thus far. With that being said hope to play for you soon and we'll keep rippin' and rock'n.peace."Update" Fro has left the band, so Leecroy moved to bass and Adam has joined the group on guitar. Now we are even better than before.



Set List

"Phillips head"
"Monkey see monkey do"
"This is why we rock"
"Going Nowhere"
"Let's Ryde"
"Tell Me"
"Party Bouncin"
"Round and Round"
"Gettin Fucked Up"
"All I Know"
"Wackass Rappers"
"Become Your own"
"Machinegun Sunshine"
"American Made"
"Heartshaped Advice"(nirvana cover with RipRock lyrics).
Our set list is 20 songs that take up about 1 hour and 30 minutes, with more songs on the way soon.