R!PSNORTER has been playing aggressive and energized music since 1994. It can be described as a blend of punk, rock, classic old school eighties-style hardcore infused with genres ranging from metal and industrial to rockabilly. The end result is some really kickass, time-enduring rawk music.


RIPSNORTER: adj; archaic slang: a violently energetic or noisily outspoken person; something extreme; something or some person of extraordinary violence or power; someone of exceptional merit or quality.

we play what we play and it sounds however we end up playing it. We have a "core sound" but don't adhere to it for every song. The Ripsnoter formula tends to mix old-school 80's hardcore punk and horrorpunk (say if Discharge and the Misfits had a hybrid stillborn monster baby). Two distinctly different styles, but it works. You get a frothy mix of the energy and aggression with catchy melody and hooks, plus more lyrical material than you can shake a politically correct skull at. Horror, politics, satire, opinion, you get it all.

Caution: Noise Pollution Ear Protection Required. There are songs that are uniquely us, and some that probably sound like "this band" or "that band" (we get "Misfits" a lot, 'nuff said). There is a lot of genres we like (punk, metal, etc) and it comes out in our songs. Lots of bands evolve over time (hence the "their older stuff is better" stigma), after all, playing the same style gets kinda boring. Ripsnorter takes it song by song. Some material stems from the Pre-Ripsnorter band Conspiracy w/three-chord, four-part politi-punk to the polished Ripsnorter hardcore "Wall of Sound". Whatever comes out is what it is in the end. It's as simple as that.

The louder you yell, the harder we play. At live shows, we kick ass and we are freakin' LOUD. We all out to have fun and release a ton of energy and noise. When it comes down to it, music is entertainment - we're out to have a good time, just like everyone else coming to the show. From the word go, Ripsnorter kicks it into high gear often shredding thru half a set of hardcore before stopping for some stage banter.

We've headlined shows, opened shows, played with local, national and international acts, etc. and so-on.

Earl Root sums it up best in his favorite bands listing description back in '99 "Ripsnorter is in it for the sheer sake of the music". That pretty much says it all.

Ripsnorter: Four guys beating the shit out of your ears until we rot.


* The Horror of it All vol.3 - 2 CD Comp 2009
* Infected - 13 Songs CD 2008
* The Best of MN Punk & Ska - CD Comp 2007
* This is Horrorpunk 2 - CD Comp 2007
* Wiping Out the Human Race - 16 Songs CD 2005
* We Will be Heard! 2 - CD Comp 2004
* We Will be Heard! - CD Comp 2003
* The Harder the Better - CD Comp 2003
* When There is No More Room in Hell - Split vinyl 7" ep w/Impaler 2002
* Hardcore - CD EP 2002
* Misfits Tribute III Stillborn Monster Babies - Comp CD 2002
* Roots V - The Pentangle - Comp CD 2001
* Here Come the Dead - MiSFiTS Tribute Comp CD 2000
* Beyond the Grave - Split 7"ep w/Impaler Released 1999
* Wake the Dead - 7"ep - Released 1998
* Roots II: The Return - CD Comp 1998
* From Hell They Came - MiSFiTS Tribute Comp CD 1997
* 4 Hits from Mars - MiSFiTS Tribute 7"ep 1996
* Pulse - 12 song CD 1996
* Emergence - 4 song Cassette 1994

Set List

Sets Times: 30 - 60 Minutes

2 Track Intro
Bad Moon Rising (CCR - Cover)
Caught Between Heaven and Hell
I Turned Into a Martian (Misfits - Cover)
Living Hell
Box of Culture
Against the Grain
Skulls (Misfits - Cover)