Rip vain Winkle

Rip vain Winkle


The band that Jack White would come to see on his visits to Tokyo.


Chance meetings only happen once in a blue moon. Fittingly, it was at an open mic at a bar of the same name located in Toronto, Canada where these two met.
After their return to Tokyo in 2011, they formed Rip vain Winkle and have been playing ever since. In their career as a band, they've received praise from a number of recognized artists in Japan. Although only consisting of guitar and drums, this band will overwhelm you with their agility and explosive power.


Rip vain Winkle EP (2012)

Live footage below:

Set List

1. 18 seconds
2. Blue Moon
3. Ballad of Skulls
4. Moriarty
5. Eggplant
6. F.U.C.K
7. Heart
8. Asahi
9. Wild West Week
10. Need to be Alone
11. Image
12. Sweet Tart (Ramune)
13. Brandy Coke