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"Rise For Order - Rise For Order 2007"

The 90’s Alternative, Grunge, Metal, and Rock sound is reborn with an added touch of New Age Punk sound mixed in. Rise For Order has delivered all of these genres mixed in with their self titled album. This album is the sound that people used to and still do die and live for. With the Lead singer Johnny muscling his way at the front of the band Rise For Order is bringing what we all loved and still do back to the main stream.
Rise For Order is based out of Toronto, there are five members that make up the band. Johnny Goltz who shows the muscle of the band is on Lead vocals. Trevor McLeod who is behind the many riffs plays Lead Guitar. The melodic smooth Bass Guitar is played by Chad. T-Bag plays the infectious Rhythm guitar, on the malicious skins Jorge Pereira takes the seat.

There are too many bands to name to explain the sounds of Rise For Order, but here is a couple to give you and idea and make up your mind about their sound Rage Against the Machine, Project Wyze, Janes Addiction, Pearl Jam.

“Freeze Frame” is the first song up on the album. Listen is the first word spoken in the song and listen is what you should do. The starting riff is nice and heavy, the scream in the background is what I like the best about the opening of the song. To me it is the drums that really shine out in this song. The opening bass drum shows what you are in store if you are just listening to the drums. The bass drum gets used like most hardcore punk bands use the bass drum.

The opening guitar riff starting of “Out Of Control” leads right into a heavy drum roll then an awesome scream kicks. The rich deep sound of the background vocals singing “Watch you slip away” is a nice touch to the song. I am finding throughout the tracks that the vocals are at the right pitch for the songs. The vocals are not as deep as the guitars are not too high to throw the song completely off. The vocals tend give the songs a little bit more character than if the vocals were at the same pitch as the instruments. What I also like in this song is how at 2:30 the song slows down and slowly builds itself back up again and lets Johnny give out another bled out scream, and not forgetting to mention the deep sounding backing vocals.

The last track “Not Enough” is my favourite off of the album. This is the 90’s Alternative Rock song that we all loved. Rage Against the Machine comes straight to my mind every time when I hear this song. There is nothing that I could recommend to make this song better. This song is gratifying to the in your face Rock/Alternative that you could ever want in a song. The tones of the vocals are great throughout the track. They come off raspy, and become stronger in the right places to. The best verse in the song is the last one, when “Watch your back” is repeated. There is nothing really special about it but I like the difference the sound is with a bit more energy put into the lyrics.


Matt Hartwick

- Matt Hartwick - Partyinkingston.com

"2006-07-21 -Rise For Order @ The Reverb"

Rise For Order took to the stage and brought the room back to life with an electric shock. With fists pumping in the air and sweaty bodies slamming against each other in a mosh pit reminiscent of a My Chemical Romance show, the Reverb degenerated into complete and utter chaos. With heavy instrumentals and a heart-beating drum line RFO played their controversial song “Freeze Frame” to a very appreciative crowd. The crowd appeared to be at one with the band; when the music stopped so too did the breathing as everyone waited in anticipation. FYI’s set may have been crazy, but with the help of an intoxicated die-hard fan Rise For Order walked away the champions of the nuttiest set of the night. Somehow this fan confused the Reverb with the Brass Rail and instinctively climbed on stage, while dancing and revealing body parts not meant to be seen in public, let alone all ages shows.

- Torontoindie.com

"Etobicoke band preparing for an orderly rise"

Taken from Etobicoke Guardian, friday december 29 2006, written by Steve Silva

The name of their fifth and final song says it all: Not Enough. That's the motif that has shadowed Rise For Order's still new musical career.
Like many musicians in Toronto trying to make it big, the band of four young rockers has faced much adversity ranging from scheduling gigs at local establishments to dealing with their two bedroom loft living arrangements in which they all share, opposite of the glamorous and cliche rock star lifestyle.
However, after months of preparation and much anticipation, the young 20-something Torontonians are hoping to get some recording management attention with the release of their self titled debut CD.
"Did it ourselves, produced it ourselves - we did it ourselves," said drummer Jorge Pereira on how much of an active role the band took on creating their CD to make it a genuine representation of their music.
It was the summer of 2005 at a local music-centred building called The Rehearsal Factory where Johnny Golts (lead vocalist), T-rev (lead guitarist), Chad (bass guitarist) and Jorge Pereira (drummer) met.
They began playing together two weeks after.
Later on, the four musicians mutually decided to move in and now live in a two bedroom loft on the lakeshore. Pereira joked that you have to "literally enjoy being poor" to savour the lifestyle with it's many ups and downs.
Pereira also acknowledged the problems associated with the music business and it's competitive nature.
"It's difficult to get noticed in a scene that is so saturated with competition. Competition is pretty heavy in Toronto - everyone comes down to Toronto. We're just trying to stand out from the crowd and get people to give us a shot because we think we have what it takes: It's about working to sustain what we have."
The band, which uses the popular profile site MySpace with about 30,000 page views and over 8,000 registered friends, began work on a CD in March and finished several months later.
The CD is an EP, a CD with a limited number of tracks typically done first by a band as a showcase for others to hear their sound and feel. Most bands later redo the songs when they are signed by a record company and have a larger budget.
"We hear that we sound like Rage Against The Machine mixed with Disturbed," said Pereira.
To view upcoming shows or for more information on the band, visit Rise For Order's MySpace at www.myspace.com/rfomusic.
The band will be launching an official website at www.risefororder.com in the future.
Rise For Order has plans for an Ontario tour in January. Touring in America is also in the works. - Steve Silva


Rise For Order Ep - 2007
Rise For Order Full Length Album - 2009

Airplay on The Wolf in Peterborough on their indie program

Regular Airplay on FREQ107 in Winnipeg

Regular Airplay on K97rocks

Regular Airplay on Mohawk Radio



“We have mortgaged our alternatives to make kick ass music that makes people rise up. Not to rise for some transient bullshit cause but merely to rise to their feet because they can’t help it. We believe that a reaction to and influence by music is one of the only pure things left and truly the great equalizer. “ (RFO, Collectively)

Johnny, Trev, Chad and Jorge make up the high energy, high intensity, kick-your-ass-hard rock band indigenous to Toronto’s “meat market music farm”. They all met in the renowned “Rehearsal Factory” that spawned such talented bands as I Mother Earth, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace and Our Lady Peace. Rise For Order still live, work and dream in the shit-hole rehearsal space, feeling it is the only way that they can do what they know they are meant to live for. “And it is all worth it - regardless of where we end up” (RFO, Collectively).

Rise For Order was spawned through a turbulent chain of events that ultimately brought them all together. Following the shattering of the band Wake; housing what is now the musical blood of RFO, Johnny Goltz entered the collaborative equation. Johnny - now the lead vocalist and co-songwriter - was introduced and accepted by the tide of the former Wake by mere passion alone. Despite already being a close friend of many infamous nights, Johnny was only really exposed as a vital element while caught singing to himself in an empty room in the dark basement of the factory - on what he thought were deaf ears. His shameless performance, to an audience of no-one, is what exposed the passion, ethos and work ethic upon which the band was beginning to unite.

Blood and voice were now in place but they needed a strong heartbeat to make them, and all who listened, rise up like never before. RFO was officially formed when they robbed and transplanted Jorge from just ‘down the hall’. Some would say it was by chance, but they knew that anyone confined within the walls of that musical monastery lived for the same reason as the rest of them. “We all understood our strengths by listening to how people perceived us. This is how we established our unique musical collective. By focusing on our strengths and hiding from our weaknesses we actually created the synergy that makes our sound. Irony in a way - shit happens.” (RFO Collectively)

Rise For Order was officially born from their long incubation in August of 2005 and since then, they have never looked back.

“We are united in purpose, bonded by an infallible belief, and work in unquestioned trust. We will live and work in our shit hole but accept no shit. Listen to our music and if you enjoy it then rise up; if you don’t, we only ask that you respect those who do.” (RFO, Collectively)