Rise From Your Grave

Rise From Your Grave


Five dudes from rural Connecticut looking to make some heavy yet melodic music. Drawing from influences throughout the metal world and beyond, RFYG strives to create songs that sound fresh while still maintaining a sharp metal edge.


Born from the ashes of several local bands, Rise From Your Grave was started in the summer of 2004. Originally an instrumental 4-piece, the band played for a year at record stores, church basements, and anywhere else that could contain them. In the summer of 2005, the lineup was completed when Cody Place auditioned. It was a perfect fit; Cody joined on the spot. In the past year, RFYG has played most of the venues in CT and several shows throughout the Northeast with bands like Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood, Reptillicus, and Waking Judea.


Future in Reverie

Written By: Jared Sturges

Disappeared, humanity closes its eyes
Sown are eyelids and why?

Lies, wildfires of social disease
Trapped inside of a dream

Denied, the wasting of our minds to furnish trepidation and value nothing wise.
Supplied with a wealth of insight, spoiled and disposed of for flies.
The skies look down with contempt at a people unable to save their own lives.

Voracity turns desires into feeding on flesh
The tenacity burns all that the people have left
Caged inside walls of emotion, frustrated in boundaries of hate
Burning all hopes in commotion, the plague is impending like fate

Bought and sold, human commodity
Stuff your faces, feed like soilent green
Bought and sold, human commodity
Catergorized into colonies and feed

March colonies, forward to spread disease
Advance on the sovereign and take what you please
March colonies, forward to spread disease
Destroy all, within your path, of God's enemies.

His are not armies of God.

Breathe deep, notice the breeze
A cold chill for our destiny
Breathe deep, notice the breeze
Our future is in reverie


Rise From Your Grave (instrumental EP) - Sep. 2004
The Dead Walk (4-song EP) - Aug. 2005
The Brown Sessions (self-produced single) - May 2006

Set List

Future in Reverie
Gorbotroph's Adventure

Set is usually about half an hour.