Rise of the Lion

Rise of the Lion

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Rise of the Lion is a high energy no bull type of band. If you took all the elements and sounds of the previous 40 years of great music, you would end up with the sound of Rise of the Lion. The fusion of these sounds as well as the modern twist put on them is enough to grasp any audience.


Do you dare to be different? Do you dare to take the path less travelled? What defines you?

Understanding the questions looming over every individual in search for personal meaning, Rise of the Lion set forth on a musical journey to give voice to the people. What they discovered was true Rock and Roll. Enriched with power, aggression, and soul, Rise of the Lion delivers an intoxicating groove with messages of inspiration, hope, strength and self-confidence. With songs such as Silence the Preacher, Corruption and Misled they deconstruct views about social norms, wealth, and religion. Rise of the Lion shows that it all starts from within.

Rise of the Lion has been tearing up the Toronto music scene and, with their much anticipated album on the way, is growing in demand. See their live show!!



Written By: Aduran De Ronov

You Never Saw
The Conflict That You Caused
It Left Me Thinking Thoughts
Thoughts That Would Carry Me To the Crossroads

You Had To Be Always On Top
Your Supremacy Has Quickly Faded

You Took The Wind From My Sails
Left Me Stranded In The Open Sea
You Smashed Me With Your Waves
How Could I Ever Compete
I'm No Match
Your Force I Can't Ignore
I'm In It For The Ride
I'll Let Nature Take Its Course

Over The Years
You Played The Part Of Being Real
But With Your Words You Lit A Smokescreen
Can You Feel
That If You Came To Terms With Yourself
Could You Ever Trust A Dope Fiend

You Had To Be Always On Top
Your Supremacy Has Quickly Faded

With Your Actions Its Sad
But All You've Done Is Help
The Confidence Is Growing Within My Skin
Its Kind Of Funny How The Tables Have Turned
I've Taken The Wind From Your Sails
And Left You With A
Gentle Breeze


Rise of the Lion-Demo

Rise of the Lion self titled album-available soon

Set List

Rock n Roll
Let Things Go
No Order