Rise To Fall Again

Rise To Fall Again


We are a group of kids, who just want to play music, which is what we love. We want to bring our music to the world, and we try really hard to do our best, whether it's in front of 5 or 5,000 people, all we want to do is ROCK THE WORLD!


Our music can vary. All four of us have different musical tastes, and bring something of our own that really stands out. Mike likes a lot the heavier stuff, such as coheed, and silverstein, great bands!. Bob likes that of pop/punk, classic rock, and pretty much anything that has good guitar riffs. Will is strictly pop/punk, and wouldn't have it any other way. Same goes for Dan. We love to have fun, but our main goal, is for the crowd to be having fun. If the crowd isn't clapping hands, tapping feet, dancing a little, and singing along, well, we aren't doing our job now are we? Our job is to entertain, and we love EVERY moment of it.

Rise To Fall Again is Bob Alcavage, Dan Hoffman, Will Jungclaus, and Mike Teague. With their catchy riffs and pop hooks, it's easy to see why RTFA is becoming an uprising band throughout the tri-state area. The band is also developing fans out of state, and even in countries like Australia and Japan around the world! With their debut EP around the corner, RTFA is standing strong and producing music that they love, and couldn't have more fun doing it if they tried.

Formed back in 2005, the band was originally a trio of bandmates. After giving the world one hell of a musical year, two of the original members split from the band, and decided to go off on their new paths. Bob, being the only original member now, decided to pick up Will, a good friend of his to play drums. The interest was there, and so was the connection. After a couple jam sessions between the two, Bob and Will agreed that they needed another guitarist. This is where Bob decided to recruit Mike, another good friend of his. After finding three-quarters of the band, all they needed was a bassist and a vocalist. This is where Dan comes into play. Bob met Dan later after the trio had been established, and as soon as Dan played, they knew it was that they had something going for them. From the first notes that they played as a new band, they knew that they could really make things happen, and have fun doing it.

After about a month of being together, RTFA wrote new material and is well on their way to recording their debut EP, "Victory Moon", and touring in the summer of 2007 on the "Pop Rocks Tour." With each band member bringing different influences to the table, each member brings a different sound to the band, which helps us develop the sound that they call their own. With killer drum beats, popin' bass lines, driving guitar riffs, harmonies, and solos, and powerful lyrics to back up the band's energy, is exactly what you can expect when you listen to RTFA.

Being a band the short of time that they have, RTFA is already making waves in the music scene. With a daily growing fan base, RTFA is ready to blow the music industry out of the water. Don't believe us? Read what people are saying about RTFA, and see for yourself!

"I love love love love love your song Victory Moon. it’s the best. keep up the good work guys. =] love. love. "-Marcia Perez-Trevino of Delaware


"hey guys hows it goin? im from Australia and found you guys somehow..I think it was through a search..but y'all are pretty freakin rad you should come tour the east coast of Aus. and come visit me!!"-Carole of Australia

"Wow. So im so glad I found your page. You guys are amazing :] I love your song Victory moon. keep writing. you're awesome. jw if you could make your songs available to download so I can add em to my ipod mmk love you all"-David Albert of Missorri

With all the elements and talent you could ever hope for, this powerful set of musicians is ready to rock your minds! RTFA is constantly growing, and is getting more and more known each time they play, and they appreciate everything anyone has ever done for them. If you get a chance, go see RTFA live, and let them know how you feel! Remember, they are people too! Don't be afraid to say hello, or drop us some lines, they will never mind! RTFA has a long road ahead of them, with a lot of doors opening for them, they will show people that their music is unique and they want people to see it as well. So with this being said, check the guys out. Drop them a line or two, and say hello! RTFA is ready to take on the world and the music industry in it. Are you ready for RTFA? You better be, because RTFA is taking the world by storm!


We are working on our EP as we speak, it should be out this summer, so be on the lookout!!!!!

Set List

-Fire In The Form Of Her
-Our Silhouttes In Black And White
-Garden State Of Emergency
-Color Me Cliche
-Victory Moon
-Waste Your Life
-The Simple Things
-Untilted Song #1
-Untitled Song #2
-And More!!!!!!