Rising Asterisk

Rising Asterisk

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Rising Asterisk is a fresh blend of hip hop and R&B coming from the SF Bay Area. Soulful production is provided by producer/rapper Remshot. Local emcee battle champion Tantrum brings the heat with clever insightful lyrics while Jeanne and Judith Flandez light it up with inspirational vocals.


The Asterisk following the word Rising is bringing new meaning to the word Rising. Because if I try to fly, everybody is Rising stars symbolizing a new day coming for the Asterisk following the word Rising. It's bringing new meaning to the word Rising. Because if you don't fly, we ain't Rising stars symbolizing a new day coming for the crew.

The idea here is to involve as many people as we can into our music making process. For team efforts are the most fulfilling. Beat battle champion Remshot and MC battle champion Tantrum hold it down as the group's frontmen. Remshot provides the backbone with a fresh style that covers crate digging, analog synths, and live instrumentation (Redhouse). Tantrum continues to murder cats in the Bay Area freestyle circuits with a vicious yet entertaining flow.

Both frontmen lay down insightful clever lyrics over the Remshot beats which, from time to time, still feature the groups original members such as D.Fusion, Sentua, Avispa, and Xariusound.

In 08 the Rising Asterisk crew will drop their first studio recorded album, RISE & SHINE, produced and engineered by Remshot. The album features appearances by Dj Psani, Dj Olly, Dj Rodney A, and Dj Freestyle. Rise & Shine will also introduce the beautiful vocal stylings of the newest members of the Asterisk family, Jeanne and Judith Flandez.


Ep's and Lp's
Shift 8 Mixtape - 2006 - Grow Records
Five Point Theory EP - 2007 - Grow Records
Rise & Shine - 2008 - Grow Records

Take it Higher - Rise & Shine

Set List

20 - 40 Minute Sets
1. Take it Higher
2. Return of the Asterisk (remix)
3. Rock All Night
4. Just Love
5. Picture Me
6. U Have to Leave