Rising Moses

Rising Moses


Rising Moses music is influenced by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob miller, Anthony B., Sizzla, Mutabaruka, culture (Joseph hill), tony rebel and some African artists etc. The music is conscious and uplifting to the soul.


Rising Moses, authentic African-based harmonies are guaranteed to make your spirit soar! Rising Moses is an astounding, creative soul who realized early on that he was ordained to sing Reggae music! He has traveled thousands of miles to fulfill Jah's destiny of making uplifting Reggae music that when you listen to him sing, will bring you joy!

Rising Moses, aka Abdul Bockarie, was born in Sierra Leone of West Africa. Sadly, with his homeland heavily involved in rebel war, Bockarie decided to leave Africa and travel to other countires to observe their people, culture and traditions. He soon recognized the problems of Africa and the world, and believed that Reggae music was the only way to deliver the lyrical solution and when you listen to his music, wow!,
here comes the musical messiah.
Bockarie attended the Edna Manley College of Visual & Performing Arts where he majored in Caribbean and Latin American Jazz studies. While at college he perfomed with the Edna Manley College band at various events and he wrote and compose a song in the college drama title the rifle. In januray of 1999 was interviewed by ANDREA WILLIAMS GREEN the disc jockey for running Africa on irie fm the Jamaica reggae station about his life in jamaica and reggae music and was also invited to perform for Jamaica television (tv-j), the beat magazine and caribbean Africa network.

His first Cd titled "Ruthless World" (a Sly & Robbie production) addressed issues that are specific to Africa and Jamaica but are universal in nature to all man-kind. Not only did he capture the attention of Jamaicans and Rastafarians, buts also Christians, he has also tour in the united state and his music was also futred on the Caribean African network and interview and on the beat magazine as well. His second CD titled "Duplicate Me" . Now with new album discover rising moses produced by Rising Moses, studio production Franz B Richard keath lion lowry and sly dunbar, this album will make you conscious,fun wise and issue that address problem all over the world, if you listen to rising mose music you have discover the lyrical messiah into today's music. Rising Moses is an independent artist for contact 614-296-1726 or diamond stars entertainment @ 614-607-6374 e-mail moses604@yahoo.com for promotion, booking and distribution hala @ me
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It's you the girl of my dream

Written By: Rising moses (A BOCKARIE) copy right protected

It’s you that I want x2
Have come from a very
Long distant no matter
What it may takes a do
Every thing to make you mine

Woman you fine beautiful
Every one talk about you
When you smile like are
Sunshine every one glad
To see you
Coming to America looking
For the bride of my dream
Mountain high valley low
Thousand miles I will go
Cause it’s you that I want

From the very first time I
Saw you I knew you where
For me wow yes I be your
Queen you be my king yeah
I’ve been looking for some
One, to love me for who I am
And then when you came
A long, then I knew that it’s was you

She’s a queen, stole away, brought
To Babylon now I find, take you
Where we belong and spent eternity
Before time, far a gone, am gonna take
You in my arm, we are strong we are
One, so together lets sing this song

Hear the children cry

Written By: Rising moses (A BOCKARIE) copy right protected

Hear the children cry out loud
No one knows why the cry
Hear the children cry out loud
No one listen while the cry
Hear the children cry out loud
Only God knows while they cry
Hear the children cry out loud
Some one give are helping hand

Victim of war and crime, victim of poverty
There’s no future in this society every day
They’ve been murder some place they’ve been abuse
The children is the gift of God don’t you abuse them

Children in America they suffering child abuse
Children in South America they dying from poverty
Children in Jamaica society make them violent
Children in India they living in poverty

Oh my children be aware this days are getting evil
Children all over the world they need justices
Now I see why they cry can some one listen to them
Now I see why they cry can some one hear their voice

Children in Sudan they suffering from civil war
Children in darfur they dying from ruthless war
Children in Rwanda they facing child abuse
Children in Sierra Leone they cut off their hands in the war

Africa rise babylon fallen

Written By: Rising moses (A BOCKARIE) copy right protected

Lyrics by rising Moses, Copy right protected.

Intro: Africa arise Babylon is fallen the time is now or never

CHROUS Arise Babylon is falling open your eye’s
For the future is calling, Africa arise Babylon
Is falling open your eyes for the future is calling
Africa arise Babylon is falling let us unite for the
Future is calling, Africa arise Babylon is falling
Let us unite for the future is calling.

So tell me why we fighting to go Babylon
Noting in Babylon but oppression
So why we fighting to go Babylon, Babylon nor
Wants no competition, too much incarceration
Too much segregation, there’s no putty in
Na Babylon city, Jah see all their intensions so rise

There got to be a way, a way for us to stay
In the mother land of hope, that’s where I
Want to go


Arise oh Africa, the time is now or we
Never gonna make it to this century,
fight to be a mighty nation,
long time we fighting this ya struggle
every day poverty knocking our door
African leaders stop this poverty,
Africa is the richest nation on earth
So make this place to be a better Nation

South Africa rise, rise, rise
North Africa rise, rise, rise
East Africa rise, rise, rise
West Africa rise, rise, rise
Central Africa rise, rise, rise
Caribbean rise, rise, rise
African rise oh how pleasant it will be

Africa rise oh let fight for unity x8


1. Ruthless World
2. Duplicate Me
3. DISCOVER RISING MOSES( album independent woman ruling the 21 st century) new album

1.independent woman (ruling the 21st centure, 2. it's you (girl of my dream) 3.hear the children cry 4. tribute to culture (Joseph Hill ) 5. Africa rise babylon fallen and many more

Set List

My music are fun, dance and full of message
getting my audience attention, body language, style of perfurming, for this album this are the five hits on radio 1.independent woman (ruling the 21st centure, 2. it's you (girl of my dream) 3.hear the children cry 4. tribute to culture (Joseph Hill ), 5. Africa rise babylon fallen, about 3 to 6 minte on some of my music.