The Rising Sun Quest

The Rising Sun Quest

 Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
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Hip Hop Music for people who still love lyrics. The songs on each album deliver a perfect blend of hard hitting beats and powerful wordplay. An artist that is sure to connect with any listener who appreciates Music. Along with the recorded music is the ability to engage crowds in a live performance.


The Rising Sun Quest:

Basically I'm a Hip Hop artist from Connecticut, which in my opinion is an untapped music resource. My style reflects the life of any real person living it the way most people do. We have so many artificial artists who just live their fantasy through their false raps or who are forced to fit an image. To me it's a joke and in my eyes it just ruins Hip Hop in general. Artists just follow TV and radio to see what's hot and pretty much base their whole style on what they see. I'm the opposite, I express what I feel and don't care if it's hot by someone else's standards.
I've been writing music for over 10 years. I initially started writing in high school so I could perform in the lunchroom ciphers. I gained respect by always coming with punchlines that would have the crowed going wild. My first recordings were of me rocking over instrumentals on mix tapes, getting recognition for spitting battle type raps over industry beats. Over the years I've developed the ability to create songs with diverse content. My music reflects both how I'm living now, things I've been through and the workings of life in general. My music is very deep and though I have complex rhymes they are presented in a way that you can easily grasp what it is I'm talking about.
I've been on stages in every major city in Connecticut and have performed in New York and Massachusetts. My performances are live and I've been well received by every crowed I've ever performed for. I like to incorporate the DJ and B-boy element of Hip Hop whenever I can. Over the years I've been on many college radio stations and public access shows and can handle myself very well in any interview.
I love this Hip Hop music because of what it means to People. Theirs nothing better than when someone tells me one of my tracks helped them get through some hard times or just that one of my tracks is their favorite. I create music that will stay wit you forever.
In ten years you'll play my CD and it will still be relevant. I haven't received any recognition or awards but my lyrics are on thousands of CD's and MP3 players around the globe bringing that real Hip Hop music to those who love it.


My Vibe

Written By: Quest

Title: My Vibe
Written by: Quest
Album: Surviving Life

I paint a vivid picture in your mind, touch your heart at the same time
With the same rhyme, they say I’m an Emcee of a different kind, and I agree because my mind lives in a different time. Its not restricted by the limits of this new design, I’m making music but I always keep the truth in mine, cause this is HIP HOP!! Never will I compromise, to be successful and carry out a constant lie, life’s too stressful to live it in a damn disguise, skies the limit so I always keep my head up high. I’m not kidding I’m still living and I’m quite surprised so many people die by the age of 25, or they do 25 years until the day they die, They never get a chance to look into their children’s eyes, and that can kill your pride. I just speak on what most people feel inside, put it in my music and hope that you can feel my vibe.

Chorus: 2X
If you’re hearing this beat and you feel it inside
You hearing these words that describe both of our lives
We’re from the same world, and your part of my vibe,
We’re from the same world, and your part of my vibe.

My vision is something that’s been given, to me to help me see beyond what’s being written in the pages of time. Allowing me to read ahead so I don’t stumble my lines, my destiny is my own, I don’t follow no signs. I’ll be damned If I live life as a man with no spine, I hold my own in this world full of chaos and crime. While so many other people live their lives with their eyes closed and clutter up the streets like a truck with a wide load. I’m just trying to get by, this congestion is a mess, I guess I can say each confrontation is a different lesson. Some leave a big impression some ain’t even worth remembering, but you can learn from every situation that you get in. Just be aware that in your heart you got the strongest weapon and, you don’t have to be religious to receive a blessing. Just keep on stepping, left right left, and be sure your headed in the right direction when you move on.

Chorus: 2X
If you’re hearing this beat and you feel it inside
You hearing these words that describe both of our lives
We’re from the same world, and your part of my vibe,
We’re from the same world, and your part of my vibe.

You and I are like a slice of the same pie, walking the same road, trying to survive, as the days fly by like the birds when the winter came by, I’m steady observing life with a trained eye. I never lose focus, I’m still the same guy, no way I’m going to break this close to game time. Theirs a fire in my eyes you can see the flames high and I’m going to keep on bringing it until the flame dies. If you’re feeling my vibe then we’re on the same side, underneath the same black cloud in the same sky. I express what I feel because I know your feeling it too. That’s the definition of an Emcee keeping it true. Phat lyrics come just like the heat when in June, phat beats only help me to keep them in tune. Just consume this, its part of a movement. You and I, yea son common let’s do this.

Why I write

Written By: Quest

Our Dreams

Yo in my mind I got a lot of shit, I got to get in line,
Trying to get myself together but I just can’t find the time.
Cause I’m always in a bind I wish I could just rewind,
Life a little bit so I could give myself a little sign.
Maybe I can redefine myself at anytime,
But I haven’t yet that’s the reason I’m so far behind.
Every step I take I feel so much further away,
It might be better tomorrow but I can’t escape today.
I’m trying to motivate myself to no avail,
No matter how much I tell myself I can do it I feel like I’m a fail.
I know I got what it takes to make it through the mistakes,
And take what I learn from um but still I can’t shake
Whatever it is inside me that’s making me hesitate,
Maybe I’m not man enough to just take that leap of faith.
This feeling I got inside me I just want to erase it.
I don’t want to have a dream and not have the heart to chase it.

To everybody with a dream whatever it may be,
I know how you feel whenever you see,
Someone in a position where you feel you should be,
I say it all the time, man that should be me.

Yo I’m not trying to hate or take away from anyone who’s made it,
I’m saying, I been at this for a minute and its taking
Quite a toll on me and my family and I know,
The hour glass is running low but I can’t seem to let it go.
Everything I know, everything inside of my sole
Is now focused on a dream that’s clearly out of my control.
On the outside trying to look in, knowing if I had one chance to
Prove myself Id be sure to get my foot in.
Instead I’m surrounded by people shoving and pushing,
Like a bunch of crabs trying to clime while tugging and pulling.
It feels like everyday I’m giving everything I got,
But it won’t do me no good unless I’m given a shot.
I won’t stop even though I’m looking up at the top,
I just think to myself somebody’s up in my spot.
And I just gotta work my way up the ladder to claim it.
When I make it I’m a do whatever I gotta to take it.


I can’t stand it when I see somebody else get handed
What I want so bad yet they take it for granted.
And show no respect but got the nerve to demand it,
They never last and quickly get replaced after they vanish.
I can’t understand it just give me my chance
So I can break that cycle by showing you just who the man is.
Hard to the core my mind body and soul
My spirit is like the last dragon when he starts to glow.
I’m everything you’re looking for but you may never know.
I’m shining like a diamond trapped in a lump of coal.
And I’m about to explode I just wantedyou to know,
If you have a goal you haven’t reached then you are not alone.
Hopefully the words I speak will help you get into a zone
Cause I believe you can succeed if you can feel it in your bones.
Don’t worry about the ones who currently hold the thrown,
Just remember to be ready when its time for you to show them.



Stellar Evolution 2000
Surviving Life 2004
Journey Towards The Sun 2008
Hydrostatic Equilibrium 2009
So Cold 2011

The song Our Dreams off the "Journey Towards The Sun" album went 4 straight weeks on the underground countdown on Kiss 95.7 Fm, a top 40 radio station in Connecticut.

The song 'So Cold' aired on the Sirus Satellite radio station, Shade 45. It played on the All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear during the Hate it or love it Segment. Well received from callers from all over the country. The Track also hit #1 on's East Coast Hip Hop Charts.

The Song "Why I Write" won the Saturday night Showdown segment on Connecticut's Hip Hop & R&B radio station Hot 93.7. The competition was based on listener votes.

Set List

The set list ranges in song selection. Song choice is based on the crowed. Mostly songs of the "Journey Towards The Sun" album but I have a wide range of songs for a variety of listeners. I can do Up to 45min but feel more comfortable in the 20 min to 30 min range.

Songs usually included are:
The Rhythm
Take care of business
Why I write
On and On
Crowd participation / Freestyle / beatbox
Hip Hop 4 you