Rising Tribe

Rising Tribe

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Rising Tribe is a high-energy, feel-good party band that plays Island Alternative music- a vibrant mix of original Reggae, Pop, Rock and Ska tunes.


Rising Tribe is quickly becoming one of Boston's hottest Reggae/Island bands. Their Caribbean rhythms and familiar melodies get crowds dancing and singing along all night.

Raised in St. Thomas, lead singer Tiffany Gassett's songwriting and vocals have a unique island flare. The overall sound is a tastefully woven blend of reggae/pop, rock, ska, and dancehall music. The band's versatility, unique look, and dynamic stage presence entertains audiences of ages.

The band continues to expand its fan base outside of the East coast and is now booking colleges, festivals, and clubs.


Live Up

Written By: Rising Tribe

Be who you are cause that's the only way
You can't change your cards you can change the way you play
And don't care about what other people say
'Cause you're all you got at the end of the day

You got to live up your own life
Make up your own mind
Move at your own pace
Take up your own time
Sing up your own song
Write up your own line
Walk up your own road
Seek and you will find

Be who you are and you will be ok
You can't change your stars you can listen to what they say
And if you forgot the place from which you came
You follow your heart and you will find your way


In the fall of 2008, Rising Tribe released its debut album. "Back to the Water" continues to play on Americana, AAA, and college radio stations across the US. The band has enjoyed radio success in several cities and states including Boston (e..g., WAAF, WERS), Florida (e.g., WIKX), California, New York, Baltimore, and Portland.

The band is currently releasing singles from the second album "Live Up" which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011.

Cd Baby

For a complete calendar listing please visit www.risingtribemusic.com

Set List

Rising Tribe can perform over three sets of cover music.

The original songs include:

Live Up
My Island
Time's the Time
When I Go
I Know You Wonder
Walking Song
Land of the Free
In Pain
Six O'Clock
Back to the Water
Come and Go
No Hard Feelings
Memory of War
Pick and Choose
Given To Me
Your Song
All of the Time

Cover songs include folk rock, alternative, and reggae tunes.