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Rising Tribe

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Band R&B Funk


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"Rising Tribe Review"

Some songs have a sense of timelessness, as if they always existed and were just waiting for the right person to pull them out of the air and put them to paper and music. This feeling is what a listener experiences when hearing Tiffany Gassett and Rising Tribe. This Massachusetts band's 2008 debut album, Back To The Water, is one of those infrequent examples where all the elements work together perfectly to create an inspiring whole. Each song is thoughtful, well crafted and arranged, and pleasingly delivered in a smooth, pure, straightforward way. The impressive musicianship is stirring and breathes life into every track.
Categorized as Folk rock, Country, Island Reggae, and Classic Rock, Rising Tribe demonstrates adeptness at each genre, catching all the nuances and bringing them to light. In addition, the song "In Pain" holds a Celtic reminder with its sweet, natural sound, and the title track, "Back To The Water" has a moving tribal feel. It's difficult to choose a favorite, as every selection has so much to offer. "Think" is philosophical and smart with a modern edge; "Montana" is country - simple and clean, with pitch-perfect harmony, and "No Hard Feelings" is sad and sweet. We loved the catchy "Six O'Clock," too. This music inhabits both the past and the here and now, simultaneously - a rare feat for a band that is a rare find.
***** Excellent!
For more information and to sample Tiffany Gassett and Rising Tribe, please visit www.risingtribemusic.com and www.myspace.com/risingtribe.

- Lily Emeralde and Emma Dyllan
Phosphorescence Magazine
- Phosphorescence Magazine


In the fall of 2008, Rising Tribe released its debut album. "Back to the Water" continues to play on Americana, AAA, and college radio stations across the US. The band has enjoyed radio success in several cities and states including Boston (e..g., WAAF, WERS), Florida (e.g., WIKX), California, New York, Baltimore, and Portland.

The band is currently releasing singles from the second album "Live Up" which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011.

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Rising Tribe is quickly becoming one of Boston's hottest Reggae/Island bands. Their Caribbean rhythms and familiar melodies get crowds dancing and singing along all night.

Raised in St. Thomas, lead singer Tiffany Gassett's songwriting and vocals have a unique island flare. The overall sound is a tastefully woven blend of reggae/pop, rock, ska, and dancehall music. The band's versatility, unique look, and dynamic stage presence entertains audiences of ages.

The band continues to expand its fan base outside of the East coast and is now booking colleges, festivals, and clubs.