Rita Boudreau

Rita Boudreau


Raw and sensual, vocals that crawl inside of you and softly chain you to your chair.


Rita came out on the scene a little over a year ago. Her first performance at a club in Salt Lake, looked like it was going to be a bit of a rough go. Her audience was primarily, punk rock, mulit-pierced, heavy language, girly bashing men and women. With a look that is both sensual and inherently female, it did appear she would be their dinner. Instead, the moment Boudreau opened her mouth, the crowd hushed, and after singing only two songs, she had them eating out of her hand.
Dave Wilbur has been a part of the music scene for awhile, the bass player in famed, This Is Your Band, a regular at the now closed, Port O'Call, he was noted for not only his superb playing but also his performance.


Finishing touches on an EP due out in the spring for limited release.