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Rita Redshoes

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"An Interview with singer-songwriter RITA REDSHOES"

With red high-heels on her feet, Rita Redshoes is magically captivating on stage. Her music is a fusion of pop, rock, a bit of cinematic melody and musical—it has completely dazzled Portugal's music scene. Not only with her charismatic voice, but also because she’s a songwriter, composer, and plays quite a few instruments from piano to bass guitar and drums. Her solo album “Golden Era” is released on March 18th, 2008, the first single “Dream on Girl” immediately capturing interest from all Portuguese radio stations and is awarded “Song of the Year”.

In 1996, Redshoes’ first live musical performance was as a drummer in her high school theater group, ITA VERO. Because she was too shy to take on the role of actress, she preferred to be a part of the band. The following year, she teamed up with some friends and formed the band “Atomic Bees”, recording their first and only album in 2000 entitled “love.noises.and.kisses”. In 1999, she was selected as a finalist of a young talent contest (“Jovens Criadores”), this time as bass player of a project called Rebel Red Dog. During this phase she played solo on the piano in Photographs, a project that would be precursor to her current music style. In 2003, Redshoes is invited to join David Fonseca’s band (Fonseca one of Portugal’s most talented pop/rock musicians). She sings a duet with Fonseca, "Hold Still",” part of his second album called “Our Hearts Will Beat As One”.

Last December Redshoes presented “Hey Tom”, the second single and one of the gems of this solo album. Accompanied on guitars by Filipe Monteiro, on bass and double bass Nuno Simoes, and drums and percussion Sergo Nascimento. The production was co-worked with Redshoes and Nelson Carvalho of acclaimed music studio Valentim de Carvalho.

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Scene 360: Many of your songs on this album “Golden Era” are about love. Has writing music been a therapeutic process for you, i.e. a way for you to understand life and love?

Rita Redshoes: Yes and no. Writing music helps me to express my inner feelings, and it’s an easier way to deal with them. You can call it therapeutic. But it’s two different things: when I write I don’t exactly do it to understand life and love better, I just express the way I see it.

The song “Dream On Girl” talks about hopes and fears. The video seems to represent a beginning, something that is evolving/breaking free of—from ice to water—you are liberated. Do you feel like you are finally living your dream?

A part of it, yeah. Recording this album was one of my dreams, and it has helped me to start doing one of the things I love the most: playing live. What I meant to show with the “Dream on Girl” video was a restart, something that gained life again.

Your 2nd video “Hey Tom” is simple yet visually simulating. It is photographic with a touch of old Hollywood glamour. It has nothing to do with your first video “Dream On Girl”, which appears to not follow the branding of the album. Who directed these videos? Which do you like the best?

The first video, “Dream on Girl” was directed by Jose Manuel Abrantes, and “Hey Tom” by Filipe Cunha Monteiro, who also plays with me. “Dream on Girl” was made with no budget and was mainly done by friends, and “Hey Tom” was different because I had financial support from my Label. And it was easier to develop some of my ideas and show a part of the universe I admire: Hollywood’s Golden Era. So, “Hey Tom” is my favourite.

“Somebody asked your name. It could be Jack or Jane”, lyrics from your song “Hey Tom.” Who’s Tom? Is he a stranger, a fictional character or someone you actually know?

Tom doesn’t exist. It’s an androgynous character that supports everything that annoys me.

Transformation seems to be quite present in “Golden Era”. Your name “Redshoes” has influences from Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz and David Bowie’s song Let’s Dance. You’ve sang and danced in red high-heel shoes, which seems like a sophisticated upgrade to the Dorothy character. Do you feel more at ease performing under an alias? Is there an actual transformation from who you really are in daily life to Rita-Redshoes-the-singer on stage?

When I thought about the aesthetic side of the project, I wanted something discreet, just like Johnny Cash, all in black... but with some red shoes on to show something provocative yet cutting that somber image. So, it’s not an alias, but a way for me to feel comfortable on stage. Of course there is a transformation; the stage forces you to it. Rita Redshoes is probably more outgoing and less rational than “normal” Rita.

If you could select one actor or actress from the 1950s to star in your next video, who would you choose?

If I could choose, I would like to have Cary Grant… dancing with me!

The album cover and promotional photos are stunning and interesting. There is really good use of color, and there is even some collage in the CD booklet. I found out that your brother, Bruno Pereira (Ursaboy) was responsible for the design. What was it like working with your brother? Did he come up with the full branding concept?

Working with my brother is much easier than working with someone I don’t know. He knows exactly what I want and has followed my ideas throughout the years. The concept was defined by both of us, and he was responsible for the final artwork.

You’ve worked with acclaimed Portuguese singer David Fonseca. And recently you performed in the first part of his concert. How did you meet him?

He recognized my work through my first album of the Atomic Bees, my former band. He liked it very much and, later, when he decided to pursue a solo career, he invited me to play piano with him. It was very important because of the experience I gained, but also because I met people that I now work with on my project. David was someone who encouraged me to have a solo career and has given me the opportunity to show my music to his fans.

I’ve read comments on the Internet from Portuguese viewers who seem displeased with your choice of lyrics in English language instead of Portuguese. Do these comments bother you? Why is your whole album in English?

The only thing that bothers me is the weight that people put into it, minimizing the real value of the creative work. I started to write in English, it comes naturally, but I don’t know if one day I’ll do something in Portuguese. Right now, it makes more sense in English.

You are finishing your degree in Psychology. Have you had time to analyse people on the web. What are your thoughts about how people express themselves so bluntly or openly on the web (the good, bad, and the ugly)?

It’s natural due to my studies, to analyze behaviours, not only on the web but everywhere. People have to express themselves, I don’t have to judge if it’s wrong or right. I feel it’s an easier way for people to share their thoughts and ideas, making them feel like they are not alone.

What are the advantages of having a MySpace page?

It’s a simple way to reach the public, and it’s great and easy way to show my music. With MySpace I write to people everywhere in the world, from Italy to China.

I enjoy your fusion of music styles—alternative, pop, rock, a bit of cinematic melody and musical. On your blog you’ve featured videos of The Supremes and Ray Charles. Does Motown music inspire you?

Yes. I’m a huge fan of Motown artists. I have several CDs. It was one of the most incredible label's in the history of music because of the large number of talented artists found and recorded. Many of these artists inspire me, not only with their songs, but also because of the sound of the recordings.

You mentioned in a past interview at IOL that your album is not solely inspired by music, but rather by films, video stills, and images. Which movies and film stills influenced you?

Basically some musicals from 50’s and 60’s; some directors such as David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Tim Burton or some images from photography books that I usually buy. It’s difficult to say exactly which movies or film stills inspired me, it’s a mix of things that I keep in my memory.

It is difficult to go unnoticed that there is a drum solo in the song “Golden Era”, continuing into another drum rhythm on the next track “Once I Found You”. I know that you started out playing the drums. Who arranged these inserts?

It was me and Sergio Nascimento, the drummer. I wanted to connect two songs with a drum solo. We did some research on percussion soundtracks and took some ideas from what we heard. At the studio, we made several experiences and chose that part.

You’ve been asked a lot of similar questions since the launch of your album on March 17th, 2008. Please tell us a few things that no one has asked yet, and that you can share about yourself.

Nobody asked me if I have pets. And I do. A cat. Now he’s on holidays at a friend’s house. His name is Gabriel and he’s beautiful. That’s all. - Scene 360º - by Adriana de Barros


"Golden Era" (2008) / Singles: "Dream On Girl"; "Hey Tom"; "The Beginning Song"; "Choose Love"

"Lights & Darks" (2010) / Singles: "Captain Of My Soul"; "Bad Lila"; "You Should Go"

"Life Is A Second Of Love" (2014) / Singles: "Broken Bond"; "White Lies"



The world discovered with "Dream On Girl", her first solo statement in the "New Talents - FNAC 2007" compilation but her journey began a few years before, still as “Rita Pereira”, when integrating a few musical projects of which the group Atomic Bees with which she recorded in 2000 the album " love.noises.and.kisses " stood out. In 2003 she entered to David Fonseca’s band with whom recorded "Hold Still", a duet included in the album "Our Hearts Will Beat As One".

She recorded till now three solo albums - "Golden Age" (2008) , "Light & Darks" (2010) and this year "Life Is A Second Of Love". Is in the current music scene a rare case of talent expressed in an impressive set of songs - "The Beginning Song" , "Choose Love", "I Should Go", "Captain Of My Soul " or the recent " Broken Bond" and "White Lies" are just some examples of Rita Redshoes creativity and sensitivity.

She performed in Portugal, France, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. In partnership with The Legendary Tigerman composed the soundtrack of the play "The Gambler" (Tolstoy dir: Gonçalo Amorim ) and the movies "The Scoundrel " ( Paulo Abreu ) and "Hay Road”  ( Rodrigo Areias ) with which was awarded with the "Prémio Sophia " granted by the Portuguese Cinema Academy among other distinctions .

Rita is currently presenting “Life Is A Second Of Love", a disc recorded between Portugal and Brazil.



Golden Era (2008)

Lights & Darks (2010)

Life Is A Second Of Love (2014)






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