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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Buzz Born and Bred"

"Rite On is the bees knees!" - Marley

"Rite On"

There is nothing else like a band that knows itself. You can see it when they perform. They know what they want, what they are about, and where they are going. RITE ON is the exact expression that comes to mind when you hear this band for the first time. Pin point timing on percussion and thick strong base lines are just the rythem that keeps this massive sounding three peice on track. Equipped with electrifing guitar riffs and duel vocals im not sure if anyone is ready for this sound.
Boasting out of Oklahoma Ciy, RITE ON is the perfect trio of Rock. They pay amage to the classics and lead the way with their own melodic sound. If there is a sound to be heard in 2010 it has to be theirs. Ladies and Gentlemen sit down, grab a beer and make sure the grandparents are down for their nap. This isnt your mommas favorite band, they are the leaders of the new school folks. Lets salute. Rite On!
- Navigator (Owner/manager of Rock club, Bora Bora)

"Wakeboarding Music"

"I am really diggin' the tunes from this new band called "Rite On... We totally blast the cd in the boat for some motivational kick ass riding music. These guys are going to be a hit. Check em' out soon for sure!
-Billy Garcia, pro wakeboarder featured on MTV's "Made" . - 360 Wakeboard

"The Rite On Sound"

"These guys sound so good, I literally shit myself the first time I heard it." - Evan Crowley, national touring artist

"The new kids from OKC"

"These guys are an inevitable 6 stars. This will be the next big thing out of Oklahoma since the All American Rejects. Ear candy to the fullest, providing endless hooks and melodies I can't get out of my head!" - Cameron Eply, writer for Rolling Stone


The "Loaded" EP. 4 songs.



Rite On began as 2 best friends with a vision. Jed Owens began competing in singing contests all over the United States, with a great deal of success. He worked with the likes of Blake Shelton and Chad Petree of Shiny Toy Guns for years. He continued to play through High School, and started a band in 1999 called Kibitzer that played alternative and pop/punk cover songs. They began to write, and started playing shows, eventually dropping cover songs for all original material. The bass player for the band had decided to move to Texas to pursue his career, leaving a spot open for a bass player. Jed had a long time friend by the name of Aaron Vega. He had been involved with the band, helping with things like promoting, tech, and roadie. The band discussed bringing Aaron on as a bass player, and everyone agreed that he was the right guy for the job. The band started recording an album at Bell Labs Studios in Norman (Trent Bell from The Chainsaw Kittens), and were playing bigger shows and developing a solid following in Oklahoma City and Texas. The band played frequently with the All American Rejects, Euclid Crash, Leasing Nations, and Bristol Park. At the albums halfway point, some members of the band acquired some personal issues that needed to be resolved, as well as some creative clashing, so the band members went their separate ways. Jed and Aaron decided to stick together and begin a new project in 2002. They hired guitarist/vocalist Kevin Dawson (Edensleeve,Winter Circle, Dawson) to the line up. The chemistry was electric. They had an amazing ability to flow with everything each band member wrote, and the songs were coming out left and right. An unfortunate event forced Jed to have to move to Houston, and the band was put on hold. After a couple of months Jed got to move to Austin, TX to resume his music career. He played with bands like Dexter Freebish, One Hitter, and Radio Failure. In the 3 years he was in Austin, something was always missing musically and creatively. Eventually he started to write in the style of the music he and Aaron made in their first bands. He put together a band in Austin and began rehearsing the material, but the opportunity to move back to Oklahoma City presented itself. Once he returned, he and Aaron started to rehearse and write again as a 2 piece, and decided to call the band "Rite On." There was some difficulty finding other band members that had the same drive, commitment, creativity, and professionalism that Rite On knew was necessary to reach success. Rite On had a drummer for about 6 months that was pretty good, but it just didn't flow the way it should. Rite On hired a professional drummer to lay down drums on their first studio EP, called "The Loaded EP." When the band began playing, a hired guitarist was used at gigs. Finally, Rite On decided that things needed to change in the drums department, so the drummer cordially stepped down, and Rite On auditioned a drummer they were referred to by a friend, Kyle Klingman. The day of the audition, when the first song was finished, Rite On knew Kyle was the perfect guy for the job, and he was hired. Shortly thereafter, Kevin Dawson has returned on guitar and backing vocals with even greater writing and playing ability to finish off the perfect lineup. Presently, Rite On is working diligently on writing new material, booking bigger shows, and developing a large and loyal fan base that is has begun to spread nation wide. Rite On will soon begin tracking their first full length studio album.