Regionally popular singer/songwriter Roger Rittenhouse is celebrating a new milestone in his career with the release of his new CD, The Only Man. Musicians such as Roger Friend, James East, Bill McPherson, Larry Logan and Victoria Robertson have united to bring Roger's artistic vision into reality.


In 1966 in a music class, The instructor told roger that he would “never amount to anything in the field of music.” Only passing with a D average, due largely in part to his poor essay on the history of the modern flute. Roger wanted to play the music of his time, and his teacher didn't like it. Finally, Roger reached the height of his high school fame when his picture was in “Country Impressions,” playing his guitar. With the completion of his CD, “The Only Man” he has reached heights that even a doubting music teacher would have to acknowledge


The City, The Music Tonight, Don't Leave Me Alone

Set List

45 Minutes of original music.
The City, Way to Freedom, Color My Eyes, Don't Leave Me Alone, I'm The Only Man, Taxman, Light's Out, Money In The Streets, Streetwalker, Music Tonight, My Mission, The Girl Next Door, Selfish Woman.

Cover's, Sets Include Music from
James Taylor, Niel Young, Eagles, Cat Stephens, Leonard Skynnard, and more.