Strong guitar riffs, pounding drums, and just the right blend of melody and rage, listening to Ritual may cause strain on your neck!


Rock Solid; Great Hooks; Inspiring Melody; Ultra Tight; Great Singing; Visually Stunning; Amazing Live…

These expressions only begin to describe one of Canada’s best independent bands, Ritual. With the release of their latest self-titled effort, Ritual has turned the Canadian Music Scene on its ear, and is gaining more and more popularity and praise every day.

Ritual is currently in heavy rotation on some of the most popular Canadian and American radio stations in their area. Ritual has been bombarded with requests to use their songs in Wrestling intros, video game productions, movie scores, and television dramas. Ritual’s music is melodic enough for the air waves, and technical and well written enough to entertain the harshest critics and musicians. Ritual is exceptional…

Ritual is dawning on their 10th year anniversary as a force in song writing, entertaining, and simply blowing away all bands in their genre. Ritual is the original four members with extremely high standards in terms of song writing, performing, and managing the band. Sean Harley, Daryl Kiviaho, Joel Labrosse, and Jason Collis equally share the writing and management aspects of Ritual. With a decade of self managing their success, it becomes more and more apparent that Ritual is here to stay.

Ritual has won the band wars of various Cities and internet sites, and won the respect of their fans and critics for constantly raising the bar in terms of writing and performing their own brand of music. Very rarely does Ritual receive a bad review; Ritual consistently brings down the house when the stage is their own or when warming up for large industry acts. When you catch Ritual live, you will be in awe of the quality of showmanship they consistently hit the stage with.

Pick up their latest self titled CD today… or visit www.ritualnet.com to get some MP3 samples of what this band has to offer!

Ritual is a fantastic Canadian band that never disappoints live… or on record.


2002- Ritual
2001 - Distortion Session - E.P.
1998 - Phlegmatic Sun

Set List

Pain Junkie
One Man
Circus of Freaks
Be Set Free
The Deception of Kent
The Way It Is