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"Ritual Fixx is all about dark music with raw gargling vocals..."

Come on! A band from Iowa with a vocalist splattering bass lines like Gene Simmons on “War Machine” and yet being played by a woman named Angel!! No way are they from Iowa I thought! Aren’t potatoes and crop dusters the big things in Iowa? Well people, start thinking differently. Meet Ritual Fixx a three-piece band that sounds like Rob Zombie with heavy bass lines.

Ritual Fixx is all about dark music with raw gargling vocals. The band is currently working on their full- length release titled “It's a Good Day to Destroy Something Beautiful”, which should be hitting shelves anytime now. The sound production on the demo is fair and with the new studio work coming out; it should make “Push” stand out like a sore thumb. “Push” is a killer track that could put Ritual Fixx on the map.

Chris Malone totally will destroy your mind with the pronounced vocals and catchy hooks. Although Malone is the main attraction in the band, Angel could steal the spotlight as she is the backbone of Ritual Fixx while just pounding that bass, making a heart attack second class.

- Rock Eyez by Brian Rademacher

"This seems to be metal written while keeping in mind how a live audience could get into it..."

Here we have an Iowa band based in a heavy industrial groove metal approach. Modern yet classic all at the same time. Its guitar heavy and driven. The riffs very much lead the way. But the bass and drums play a nice equal roll in the songs. The first track starts out all heavy then falls into a drum and bass part with some quieter vocals. Then breaks back into heavy mode for a chorus part. Then its back to the bass and drum part with the slightly quieter almost whispered vocal.

Its a time tested formula that usually wins over the human ears. Especially in a live concert setting. In a bar or something like that where everyone is there to have a good time and move around. Let out some energy and live a little damnit!!!!!!!! This seems to be metal written while keeping in mind how a live audience could get into it. It translates as something that would be very cool to witness in a live setting.

This is good metal in my opinion. Good to listen to while on the freeway or on a long road-trip. Or maybe while just taking some bong hits. Its got some nice moody grooving parts that keep you headbanging. Dark with nice dynamic structured arrangements and the sound of the cd is good. Good loud volume and low end sound on all the instruments as well as a good blend of highs and mids.

As is the case with most reviews these days I must name some band that this band kinda sounds close to. If I must do that then for this band I will go with say: Static-X. For this has that kind of industrial metal sound about it. Yet, its not a Static-X rip off either. Its heavier and faster on some parts with nice guitar riffs that build up one measure after another. With some vocals you can actually understand without having to have the lyrics in front of you. The drums are kinda mechanical sounding but that's good for this style. Nice simplistic approach keepin the groove in mind not a flashy performance just a solid drumming approach.

If your into bands that have female musicians within their ranks then you might dig the fact that the bass player Angel is a hottie who has solid in-the-pocket bass lines. All 6 songs on this cd are filled with memorable melodic songs that you can safely say are 'catchy' and have some 'hooks' in them vocally & musically both. Nice guitar crunch & soloing as well. Good to hear some guitar solo action in this day and time when many bands just don't do it anymore. And yet they don't over do it either. Its not like every song has to have a solo. Just when it feels right to do one, let it rip. Give them a listen with your own two ears on their Myspace page which should have a link to their official site.
you can also contact the band directly through their email: ritualfixx[at]hotmail.com
Rabishu Rating: 6.5 - Metal Whore by Rabishu

"It's a good day to destroy something beautiful"

"It's A Good Day To Destroy Something Beautiful"

US Industrial Metallers Ritual Fixx have a sound fused with a catchy and almost stoner like groove. from the moment you put this album, entitled "It's A Good Day To Destroy Something Beautiful" you'll be instantly hooked. Ritual Fixx have a really dirty style which flows effortlessly but leaves behind it devasting effects. So many bands today cannot master how to make a truly catchy and enjoyable song whilst remaining heavy and true to their genre, but Ritual Fixx make it look easy. Grimy and murky, Ritual Fixx will ensnare your senses and leaving you gasping for more of their enthralling stoner laden industrial art!


http://deathdoom.freeforums.org/ritual-fixx-it-s-a-good-day-to-destroy-something-beautiful-t154.html - Deathdoom Productions


Self titled demo CD

"It's a good day to destroy something beautiful"
2007 Zero Budget Records.

Ritual Fixx's music is played regularly on KVIK 104.7 and 95.7 The Rock.



Ritual Fixx is an agressive "industrial influenced" metal band that combines solid hooks & stellar musicianship to create an original, hard hitting sound.

Sometimes moody, dark, angry & even contemplative, Ritual Fixx's music is not easily summed up in one word, or as is so popular today, a "label".

Never concerned with the trappings of writing to keep up with trends, Ritual Fixx fuses the dark lyrical ideas of Nine Inch Nails with the driving, guitar based "industrial/metal" influence of bands like Static X, Prong, Fear Factory & Ministry creating a completely unique sonic landscape that can only be described as Ritual Fixx.

As Artists on Zero Budget Records, Ritual Fixx was a staple at the label's homebase in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, they were a natural fit not only in the tradition of "different" acts on the roster, but also the work ethic each band encompasses

Ritual Fixx's first full length CD, the very dark & ambitious, "It's a good day to destroy something beautiful", was released on Zero Budget Records November 24th.

Ritual Fixx has played with such artists as Static X, Otep, Psychostick, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Deadstar Assembly, Level C, Project 44, WORM, Apocalypse Theater, 9mm Solution, Flat Atom, Niobium and Cynergy 67.

Ritual Fixx has been featured on 95.7 The Rock out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin and 104.7 KVIK out of Decorah, Iowa.

Ritual Fixx's self titled demo has been reviewed on www.metalwhore.com and www.rockeyez.com online magazines.

Ritual Fixx is currently endorsed by Dimarzio Pickups, Halo Guitars, Madison Amplification, Xcel drumsticks & Trick Drums.

After a brief hiatus during which time guitarist Chris Malone recorded an instrumental CD "mugged,cussed & bitten" under the alias of Pornocreep 13, which was also released on Zerobudget Records & also simultaniously with True Anthem, a Worldwide Digital distribution company who paired Chris with sponsor Guitar Center to get Fixx & pornocreep music to a larger audience.

Ritual Fixx is currently in the studio recording the follow up to 2008's "It's a good day to destroy something beautiful" and are anticipating an early 2011 release with an accompanying tour to follow.