Rival Tides

Rival Tides

 Santa Clarita, California, USA

We're a hardworking band known for our energetic live shows and ridiculous sense of humor. We're the kind of band that will do a backflip into the the crowd mid-song just to get closer to the fans.


For LA-based rock band RIVAL TIDES, time has been of the essence since day one. The band formed in November of 2012, and not even a year into its existence, they’re off and running with their first release – a seven song self-titled EP produced by Erik Ron (Panic! at the Disco, I the Mighty, VersaEmerge) at Grey Area Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

The band just formed in November 2012, but they've hit the ground running with their debut release, a seven song, self-titled EP. Produced by Erik Ron (Panic! at the Disco, I the Mighty, Hands Like Houses), vocalist Robyn August, bassist Jason Friday, drummer Greg Fulleman, and guitarists Caleb Healey and Alex von Hollen draw listeners in with their captivating high-energy. The five friends actually birthed Rival Tides from the now defunct Harris Grade in an attempt to wholly transition—and succeed—into a new, more refined writing style.

“The musical style was a bit different and we felt like the name should be changed to be more fitting with our new direction,” says drummer Greg Fulleman on the recent transition from Harris Grade to Rival Tides. “I think the change brought us closer together, and is truly giving us the ability to start a new and exciting chapter.”

“My Insomnia,” the opening track, first single, and captivating music video from the debut record, personifies the band’s billowing Anberlin-like sound while also giving listeners new and old a close look at the sincerity of Robyn August’s vocal ability.

“I wrote "My Insomnia" about the chapters in life, including the environment and people that surround them, as well as my own personal struggle with the disorder," said August. "Writing the new material helped me better focus on my drive to move forward, without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.”

Songs like “Maybe” and “Out of Body” showcase spacious, encapsulating choruses that seem to explode out of the speakers blaring them – sure to make fans of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and 30 Seconds to Mars salivate.

With their first release being a polished product indicative of experience and maturity, Rival Tides is setting their sights on reaching the real fans of rock music.

“In the closing track ‘Oceans,’ there’s a line that reads ‘there’s a sea in you,’” explains Robyn August. “It helped inspire our name and fits the overall idea of this band. There's always positivity to be found, even in the most difficult of times."


Self-Titled EP - 2013