River and the Tributaries

River and the Tributaries



Amongst the rolling hills of Dubuque Iowa, River and the Tributaries, consist of River and Jackson Breitbach, Scott Gratton, Erin Hedley, and Griffen Harris. Breaking away from the traditional configuration of the modern rock band, the members take turns on vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, cello, piano, and all things percussion.

Now in their fourth year together, this quintet is “a power house of multi-instrumental songwriters” (Hitt Music Group) letting flow their infectious form of Indie Folk-Rock with influences from Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens and the Arcade Fire. “River and the Tributaries create a unique style of original music that exists outside contemporary trends in folk and pop. Strong vocals…over inventive arrangements and varied instrumentation communicate fresh songwriting unexpectedly mature for a band this young.” (Mike Ironside, 365ink)

In January of 2007 the group released their self-titled debut album while still completing high school. Powerful vocals, tight harmonies, and strong group dynamics keep each song flowing seamlessly together for an impressive debut. Their second album, Bread and Water, was released the following year revealing a new depth to their songwriting. Several songs from these albums have been regularly featured on radio programs such as “Midwest Music Makers” on KGRR in Dubuque, Iowa, as well as on “Down on the Corner,” “Night Music,” and “Live from Studio One” on KUNI Public Radio. A third album is underway.

“New blood boils up, flowing over the wing dams of River and the Tributaries… From the flatted 5ths to the exuberant pace-this old freak is totally sold on faith that this configuration has what it takes” (Denny Garcia, Host of Midwest Music Makers).


River and the Tributaries (2007)
Bread and Water (2008)

Set List

Our set lists span anywhere from 1 to 4 hours in length. Usually we split shows into three 1 hour sets or two 2 hour sets, depending on the length of the show. We play nearly all originals, especially for shorter gigs, but we like to play some covers for audience involvement.
Songs that make it onto our set lists are:
-"Can You Tell Me"
-"Things Been Gettin' Better"
-"Far Off the Ground"
-"Carnival Lady"
Our cover songs are:
-"That's the Way we Get By" (Spoon)
-"Staple it Togther" (Jack Johnson)
-"Good People" (Jack Johnson)
-"Sittin' Waitin' Wishin'" (Jack Johnson)