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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Who is Antonique?

Oh yeah I know her.


Yet does she even know herself?


Antonique Rivela was born and raised in Staten Island, NY, singing as her primary form of communication as she was plagued with a stutter since birth. As if this hodgepodge flow of speech wasnt enough, at six Antonique was diagnosed with dyslexia, a speech impediment, and an ambidextrous ability.

In spite of these developmental albatrosses, by the ripe age of seven Antonique was already reading poetry and writing songs, delving into a harmonious world she had unknowingly been entrenched in her whole life.

At ten, Antonique displayed her passion for music in a play in her special education program, overcoming her dyslexia to be deemed ready to enter the regular education school system.

As one can unfortunately often predict in these scenarios, Antonique found herself to be an popular target for bullies, and being told on a daily basis that she wasnt good enough for the very school she had struggled to gain admittance into.

All of these hardships wouldnt stop her dream, nor let anyone get the best of her however, as Antonique looked toward her heroes Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Britney Spears to serve as her proverbial Virgil(s) in the Inferno that is high school.

Currently, Antonique is an eighteen-year-old recording artist at Fenix Studio, working hard on her debut album titled Silhouette, which will focus on mirroring all the obstacles she has faced in the past.

In addition, when not laying down tracks, Antonique is in the works to form a movement and organization for fellow disabled individuals and victims of bullying called Lifelinez.

When not focusing on her career, Antonique still prays to God and knows He only knows whats in store for her, striving to embody His ways by staying humble and helping whenever she can.

While Antonique attends college to get her bachelors degree in marketing, she is also marketing herself and working with a marketing team. In addition, she has goals to attain certifications in the music field, if only for her own credibility.

Ultimately, Antonique hopes not to be a one hit wonder, but instead an icon who can change the lives of people one note at a time. Antonique does not do music for the love of it, but rather for the awesome potential that music has to change the world with just a song.


Stay tuned.

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