Rivelino performed with KEM, Dj Premier, Michael Franti, Solomon Burke and Candy Dulfer (Prince) amongst others.

He is a socially engaged artist with a big heart for underprivilegd youths. Trough his heartfelt lyrics and soulful music he hopes to inspire and connect people to become one.


RIVELINO alias Blackrockstar had the art of music woven in his soul while still resting in his mother's womb. RIVELINO played in several bands and had more than occasional appearances on tv and radio throughout the years. 2001 was the year in which many doors opened for RIVELINO as a singer/songwriter/rapper. He decided to form his own band under the monniker "RIVELINO" and he performed throughout the Netherland. He started his victory lapse by winning the Heineken Heidepop Award in 2002, got in 2nd place at the R&B/HipHop Awards of Gelderland and became runner-up for the Radio 3FM Talent Showcase of Xnoizz Radio. And if that wasn't enough he also won the Funk Battle Awards in Bocholt, Germany.

His musical style is a blend of styles that he prefers to play and listen to, from soul, hip hop and funk, to reggae, rock and worship. Some of his artistic inspiration comes from artists like Michael Tait, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Harper, John Mayer & Kirk Franklin. His heart lies in using music to touch peoples heart trough the heart of God and build up their lifes by sharing the life lessons that he learned trough trial & error. He gained a lot of experience as an artist too. He did 6 episodes for tv programme D-Lounge, which was aired on Dutch TV, he did 3 solo performances in the Gelredome stadium in Arnhem for a crowd of over 30.000 people during the EO Jongerendag. He shared the stage with artists such as Candy Dulfer, Within Tempation, Barlow Girl, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Kevin Max (DC Talk) and Huub Stapel. RIVELINO also had the privilege of working with producer Evert Nieuwstede, who produced for Golden Earring, Candy Dulfer, Joe Jackson, Billy Preston and Herman Brood. A masterclass of Michael Franti in the summer of 2003 also didn't hurt him either.

RIVELINO was chosen as Serious Talent on Radio 3FM in 2008 which got him daily airplay for 2 months which eventually led to a sold out tour trough Italy hitting cities like Milan, Turin and Rome. A few previous to that he was selected amongst a select few to partake in the "Getalenteerd" project which landed him his first radio jingle that was played 300 times on Radio 538 and FunX, two very popular radio stations in the Netherlands. Next to making music RIVELINO has a big heart for social issues. This is why he has partnered with World Vision (NGO) as a music ambassador for over 5 years, taking him to Africa 3 years in a row, visiting aids-prevention projects and giving musical aids to the hiv orphans in Uganda and Ethiopia.

To further express his social awareness he founded the L.O.U.D. Foundation in 2006, an organisation of which it's main objective is to help underprivileged youths help discover their talents in order to help raise their self esteem. Trough this organisation he sets up and gives talent-development trainings at schools, youth detention centres, boarding schools and youth centres. His main passion next to music is helping people find their place in life! - So there you have it, a man with a big talent and an even bigger heart...Keep your eyes open for RIVELINO's long awaited imprint on this world!


2002 - Single "Pull Yourself 2gether" [It's Your Record]
2005 - EP "Takin' Up My Chances" [BAM Records]
2005 - Single "Stem Rou" [Indie Release]