We are young. New. Fresh. Ourselves. There is tons of music at Bonnaroo but i guarantee there will not be music there like ours. We dive deep into our souls and the waves of emotion to bring out our music. There is no I wanna be like them, or O! I love how that band does it, let's do it like that. Nope. We are us. Best Friends that have been through life and back together.


We are from big places and were left in the small town of Huntington WV. As said previously, we have been best friends since we can remember and have just totally lost our lives to music along the way. It's tough to say but, we haven't had much play time to outside of in our jam shack though, the music and energy we have developed is not disappointing in the slightest sense. I'd like to say that we have raw class but..who am I to say. You all are the ones that get to judge that.

I don't know if there are any sort of mercy rules for procrastinators but, these three songs we've had for quite awhile we so decided to throw them together today and see you all thought. Enjoy!

James- Lead Guitar and Vocals

Benjamin- Rhythm guitar and Vocals

Nicholas- Bass and Grooves

Set List

1. Darkest of Daze

2. Friends of Friends

3. Out of Control