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The best kept secret in music


""I am God" review"

**street Release date 2/2006**

Rivera Bomma - I am God

I see this as a big honour - to be among the first to review Rivera Bomma's second full-length album. I was quite excited about their previous releases - even though I saw that there were things that had to be improved.

Rivera Bomma is known among the fans for two things: Having an extra-ordinary singer and one heck of a shredder! Both these things are heavily present on their new album called "I am God". Some people have mocked their choice of album title, claimed that it is blasphemous, but when you listen to the lyrics you quickly find out that this is more blessed metal than most of the other things you’ll ever hear!

The grand album(it’s over 65minutes long) starts out if a Leviticus inspired title track, “I am God” .It’s a story told from God’s point of view and it’s a exciting journey – both lyrically and musically. Great epic, which is nearly 10minutes long! After that comes “You are my child” which sounds like a typical song from their last album, but this is slightly heavier. “He died for you” reminds me of something that fellow metallers Narnia could have created. Blasting guitars combined with some very thoughtful lyrics. Next up is the “must be on every album”-ballade. But the neoclassical touch to it makes it much more exciting. Love that chorus.

Riding high is Rivera Bomma’s tribute to Styper, especially when you listen to the chorus you can clearly hear the influences. But the verses make me also think about legendary band Jerusalem. This is one of the absolutely great tracks on the album!!

Holy One is next up, and now I hear some Sacred Warrior! This is one straight forward rocker! A splendid vocal performance from Johnny Bomma. I also must say that I love the lyrics “If God is for me – who can be against me?”. Sing to me is to follow and brings us some melodic hard rock. It’s one of the more slower songs. “Help!!” starts out fast and continues in that vein throughout the song. It’s a prayer from man, who desperately needs help.

Oh man! ”La voz de mi guitarra” This is the instrumental track and this one – if you somehow have failed to noticed it earlier – will convince you what a great guitarist Rod Rivera is. An Yngwie malmsteen inspired instrumental song. Ah, this leaves me longing for an acoustic instrumental album from Rod!

The album ends up with the grand finale song “Revelation” which has an apocalyptic feel to it and I think it’s a great way to end a great album!

Can’t remember when I heard some many influences on a single album :). Of course it’s not only other bands’ influences we clearly hear that Rivera Bomma has created a sound of their own and I truly believe that this album will be warmly welcomed by the fans of neoclassical metal.
Style: Neoclassical metal
Overall:4 of 5
Year: 2005
Review by: Victory - Victory'zine

""Invisible Force" review"

RIVERA/BOMMA - "Invisible Force"

Rod Rivera (influences are: Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, UFO, Carlos Santana). and Johnny Bomma (guitar and vocals where the influences are: Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath) Steve perry (Journey), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and of course "The King") formed the band in 2000, having recorded this first cd in 2001 with the helpful work of Edward Faust in drums, Sean Faust in keys and Dave Incognito in bass. It's is a good piece of hard rock, when they relate their experiences and life and their love for Jesus Christ and God. Good rock songs like "Victory", "Tarot Reader" (sounds like Deep Purple, with the Hammond, oh... I like this organ), the 5 piece "Eclectic" suite (the best moment ih the cd, with some rock and progressive parts), the 70's rock "No Win Situation" and the pop-rock present in "Hold On" make this record special for who likes a very well done hard rock, doesn't matter your religion or something else. You get a bonus track (a beauitiful acoustic "Cry of Love") to close this masterpiece. They are working in a new cd, to be released soon. I think they will rock the house! The musicians are: Rod Rivera - Guitars, Johnny Bomma - Vocals, Mizael "Taz" Robles - Live Bass Player and Steven D. Riker - Live Drummer. (Comments by Rafael Carnovale) - /www.progressiverockbr.com/

""Invisible Force" review int. version"

RIVERA / BOMMA-„Invisible Force"
Independent / Secret Port Records – 2001 / 2002
11 tracks - 50:44 minutes (US version)

When I first heard a sample of this CD I was really blown away. A new neo-classical Melodic Metalband I`ve never had heard before. I ordered their first independent release as fast as I could and then later tried to sell several copies of the re-released "Invisible Force" CD that is normaly only available in Europe. As I mentioned before, this band is really something for fans of NARNIA, HARMONY and SHINING STAR although they maybe have a little bit more mellower songs on this release than their releatives. But the guys of course also show that they can rock. Rod Rivera the guitarplayer is at least as good as other axemasters and Johnny Bomma is a killer vocalist. But now to the songs on the album, the CD starts with an instumental introduction song. "Victory" is next, a great Neo-classical melodic Metaltune. "Tarot Reader" is kind of a powerballad, with a harder rythm based guitarplaying during the chorus, this song has a kind of RAINBOW feeling. "Cry Of Love" is a cool melodic Rock ballad, very emotional, a high quality tune. "Eclectic" is a kind of instrumental, seperated in 5 parts. Here Rod shows all his talent which means you hear him playing classic influenced fast electric , blues and of course Spanish acoustic guitar. "No Win Situation" is a very 70`s touched tune, classic old school Hard Rock ! "Hold On" which you will find only on the original US version of the CD is a nice acoustic ballad with a Spanish flair, the Secret Port version of the album has a rocker instead called "The Holy One". "Hand Of God" is an other instrumental. "Give You My Love" is a powerballad which also only appears on the US version of the CD, on the Secret Port version you will hear an other cool Hard Rock tune called "Revelation". "Full Moon In Spain" of course is an very Spanish sounding acoustic ballad. The last track is an acoustic version of "Cry Of Love". The whole album has a big Spanish touch, which gives the CD a really special note. There is nothing negative I could say about this CD, it is music on a very high level and I really can`t wait for their new album. The lyrics are clear christian in most of the songs, these guys are not ashamed to tell other people about our Lord Jesus Christ. Last, please do not forget to visit the bands hompage, there you will find several interesting informations about the band, the history of the guys and their mission! - Metal Mission


I Am God (2006) Mausoleum Records
Invisible Force (2003) Secret Port Records
Invisible Force (2002) Independent Version


Feeling a bit camera shy



Melodic Technical & Epic Power Metal Rivera/Bomma, This international recording group had their first release on the highly respected Greek progressive metal label Secret Port Records. Filled with the majestic melodies and pulsating rhythms made famous by seventies arena heroes such as Rainbow, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult and others. Formed in late 2000, the nucleus of Rivera / Bomma has always been the two band namesakes, vocalist John Bomma (Ex- singer of U.S. Metal Blade Records Heavy Metal band HADES) & guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Rod Rivera.

John Bomma's voice has a Ronnie James Dio power & range melodic sound & Rod Rivera is a guitar virtuoso with a magical feel & touch alike Ritchie Blackmore/Michael Schenker. RIVERA BOMMA is Melodic hard rock/metal with Latin Flamenco guitar grooves and melodies, You could say they sound a bit like Deep Purple, Dio, Rainbow, Helloween meets Strunz/Farah & Santana. Goosebumps anyone?!

These duo brought down the house when they played at last year's ACM (American Christian Music) awards. In July 2005 they finally decided that Belgium’s Mausoleum Records would be their home for the next seven years. Alfie Falckenbach founder of Mausoleum has worked with a very impressive European metal roster down through the last two decades. Today some of their most well know bands include: Angel Witch, Great White, Hades, LA Guns, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Phantom X, Pretty Boy Floyd and Warrant. Their next CD “I Am God” which features world class engineers & producers such as, Eric Rachels (Skid Row, Symphomy X, Hatebreed) Don Stendecker ( Seven Whiches, Russell Allen, Symphony X ) & Jean Paul (son of legendary guitarist Les Paul) will be release on "Legendary Heavy Metal Label" Masoleum Records in Japan & Europe on febuary 2006. RIVERA BOMMA will tour in 2006 in support of "I am God ".

Experience "larger than life epic and shredding Hard Rock /Metal ", at its best!!!!!