River and the Tributaries

River and the Tributaries


"River and the Tributaries" consists of six members from Dubuque, Iowa. They play an assortment of musical genres delving into folk, funk, acoustic, and rock. Their energetic stage presence involves audiences and their weaving melodies and rhythms prove to be addictive.


River and the Tributaries have been together since the spring of 2004 in Dubuque, Iowa. They first organized for a local talent show and decided that they wanted to continue together to create a full-fledged musical experience. Because of their extensive experience all individually playing multiple instruments, they soon began to compose their own music and perform for local contests. After participating and winning multiple local contests the Tributaries decided that they needed to record an album on a semi-professional level, to release in order to secure money and future gigs. They did this in the winter of 2006 at Heartland Studios in Galena, Illinois and began self-production shortly thereafter. Through this first album release they gained status in and around the Dubuque Area. They have secured many gigs in local bars and restaurants including Bricktown, New Diggins, Da Vinci's, Isabella's, The Silver Dollar, Star Brewery, and the Busted Lift. More professional and horizon-broadening opportunities have arisen for The Tributaries in the recent past and we are now played weekly on several radios shows across Iowa including; Bob Door, Denny Garcia, KUNI-Live from Studio One, KURI, and Live at the Java House Blend. Through the creation of original songs they have developed a set list that encompasses a vast majority of modern music. We now play, at each gig, an assortment of acoustic, funk, folk, and rock tunes that captivate and rock audiences for hours. Because of their local success, and overload of unrecorded originals, they recorded, mastered, and produced a second CD entitled, "Bread and Water." This was recorded professionally at M-Studios, a completely new and state-of-the-art studio based out of Galena, Illinois. This second CD was self-produced and has once again secured many future gigs and provided many broadening opportunities for River and the Tributaries.
The members of the band play a wide variety of instruments including the following: trumpet, flute, violin, cello, piano/keyboards, drums/percussion, electric/acoustic guitar, bass, and mandolin. River and the Tributaries are influenced by nearly everything they experience.


River and the Tributaries has two self-released albums. Both of these albums sell regionally and nationally on iTunes. The first CD is self-titled, "River and the Tributaries," and the more recent release is entitled, "Bread and Water."

Set List

Our typical set list ranges from the common three to four hour set down to half an hour shows. During our longer shows we have two or three sets containing approximately fifteen songs each and having a good balance between acoustic and electric pieces. We do have covers including Cake, Jack Johnson, the Beatles, the Doobie Brothers, and various others that are included to captivate the audience and provide filler music.