River City Ransom

River City Ransom


A four-piece, high energy rock band from Tulsa, OK. Focusing their energy into writing and performing, they set themselves apart. Aside from being long time performers, they are also very accomplished musicians ready to take their music to the next level.


Makeshift was formed in 2003 by Kevin and Brandon. A change was in the air and Josh joined in to play the bass. A couple of months, shows and 2 drummers later, Landon was recruited to join in and this is Makeshift as they are today.

Makeshift came to terms with Vigilant Records in December of 2005, and soon changed their name to River City Ransom, amidst internet confusion regarding the plethora of US bands with the same name, as well as personal reasons. The debut album "Hit The Lights' is due out Spring of 2006, with US tours soon to follow.

Featured on The Edge 104.5 Home Groan.
Also featured on the Tulsa Compilation "Will rock for food" released in January, 2005.

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Makeshift- LP: 7 all original Songs
Will Rock for Food:"Forgotten", Next Level studios also played on 104.5 the Edge Home Grown
Come with Me: Tulsa Arts and Humanities Compilation EP of Tulsa's Best & Brightest Musically talented.

Set List

All original music...
List does change up some but here's a few of our songs:

Losing Sleep
Wasted Time
Life as My Witness
Come With Me
Left for Dead

Some covers we have played from time to time include:
Silverchair's "Tomorrow"
Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Story of the Year's "With a Closed Fist"
among many others.