River Ghost

River Ghost

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandRockNew Age

River Ghost is an indie rock band with elements of post-rock and shoegaze music. The band's progressive sound is apparent in their live performance as the band usually walks off the stage drenched in sweat. Every song has unexpected changes and leaves you wondering how they made "that" work.


River Ghost is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas that formed in July 2011. But don’t let their novelty fool you: The band has already achieved a great deal of success, having completed their six song EP “In for the Winter” and a west coast American tour.

If you like meaningful, upbeat music that dabbles in folk and post-rock, then you’ll love River Ghost. It’s not hard to imagine why Sonic Shocks wrote, “These guys have a bright future.”

The first 4 songs on this EPK are rough demos of the songs that will be on the upcoming EP.

Look for the band’s 2nd EP this fall and continue to check back for tour dates.

-Jon Fortenbury

for booking inquiries please email riverghostmusic@gmail.com


In For The Winter EP

Set List


1. Mythical Monsters
2. Lay Me Down
3. Golden Houses
4. Arms
5. Desert Soul
6. Seek and Find Me
7. Lonely Bastards
8. Monsters in the Floor
9. Road Song
10. South, Moving South
11. Mountains Peak
12. Summer Song
13. 10,000 Soldiers