The River Raid

The River Raid

 Recife, Pernambuco, BRA

"New Album" In a Forest


In 1996, five high school students from Recife, Brazil challenge the music trend with intensity and started a rock band, “ The River Raid” (TRR). Their music is influenced by The Stooges, Violent Femmes, Radiohead, Sonic Youth as well as other Brazilian artists from the sixties and seventies such as Tom Jobim, Roberto Carlos, Os Mutantes, and Luiz Gonzaga.

The early years for The River Raid offered much success, including the honor of being published in a reputable magazine known as Showbizz, being at the time the No 1 music magazine in Brazil. They rapidly gained media attention after winning first place at a national band challenge hosted by MTV with their song "2030."

After a couple of years dedicated to other music endeavors, the members of The River Raid got together once again to write and release their official first self titled debut album, “The River Raid”. The album was developed in both Miami and Brazil with Grammy winning producer, Felipe Tichauer. Segmenting the different stages of their song writing and influences, the album producing a brilliant powerful sound, intensified by three guitars. 4:20 Local Time recalls the exuberance of the first couple of Hives records - confident, ballsy and bloody catchy." claims Owen Mckeon of

The band continued to receive recognition by specialized media, thus earning them great reviews amongst some of world’s most prestigious music critics, bloggers and magazines like Guitar Player, Spin Magazine,, CMJ, Zig Zag Live, and Rolling Stone, which had placed them in the “Editors Hot List of the Month” with the song "Nao Caio Mais No Que Voce Diz" (Don’t fall for what you say anymore).

After a promotional tour in July of 2007, MTV Brazil began to endorse TRR's music video "Time Up" on television and on it's website (MTV Overdrive) to million's of people. As well as televised spots, TRR's single Time Up was featured on radio stations like Transamerica (Recife), Radio Cidade (Fortaleza), Brasil 2000 and Radio Mitsubishi (Sao Paulo), broadcasting the River Raid’s vibe across Brazil's FM Radio.

Their single "Time Up" is featured in compilations around the World from USA (Sonicbids, Shatter Records) and England (Stay in the Box) and the CMJ's Exclusive monthly compilation.

The River Raid were fortunate enough to have been invited to play at some of the most important festivals of North America: the Atlantis Music Conference (Atlanta, Georgia), Canadian Music Week (Toronto, Canada), Florida Music Festival and Conference (Orlando, USA), and North By North East (Toronto, Canada), opportunities that were perfect breeding grounds for new artists.

With only one album on baggage and mileage logs that pass by respected festivals and events such as the famous South by Southwest (Austin, TX), CMJ (New York, NY), and the Brazilian "Levis Music”, both aimed at disclosure of names of the independent scene.

In 2008, their talent continued to be recognized by some of the most prestigious contests and awards such as ISC (International Songwriting Competition), the Brazilian band ousted 15 thousand competitors from more than 100 countries in the ISC - International Songwriting Competition, with the song" Time Up ". They were the most voted band in the rock category and on the internet “People's Voice” and received an honorable mention from the jury, composed of figures like Julian Casablanca (The Strokes), Frank Black (Pixies), Robert Smith (The Cure) and Jerry Lee Lewis, the only Brazilian band in the final of the contest.
They were also nominated for The Hollywood Music Awards, Toronto Music Awards, and the Ontario Independent Music Awards.

The River Raid continued to perform in Brazil, while working on their second album, in some of the largest well known festivals in Brazil appearing at the Abril Pro Rock (Recife/Pernambuco), REC Beat (Recife, Pernambuco), Bananada (Goiania, Goiás), Ponto CE (Fortaleza, Ceará), Se Rasgum no Rock (Belém, Pará), Festival Do Sol (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte), MADA (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte) Aumenta que é Rock (João Pessoa, Paraíba) .

In October of 2008 The River Raid were asked to be the opening act for the American Music Award nominated band Paramore, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for the Brazilian leg of their Final Riot Tour. With 13,000 fans before them, The River Raid rocked the crowd with vigour, using their unforgettable and captivating live performance. During the Paramore tour, TRR appeared on MTV and Trama Virtual for interviews to let their fans know about upcoming releases as well as future tour dates.

The River Raid finished work on their second album “In a Forest” in 2009 and is due to be released in 2010.



Written By: The River Raid

That's alright
Breath in, fill up
Your lungs
Time to list off
What you want
To refill what
Has gone
It's unreal
You'll be shocked
To turn a sunny
Day into facts
Start to face all
Your regrets
You wanna let that feeling unfold
And keep it warm when night gets cold
With lonesome
Ways of thought
Your puzzled karma
Won't refrain
You walk high but the
Way is wrong
Don’t be afraid the
Day will come
That's alright
On a sunny day
Review your acts
And start to face
All your regrets
Melodic thoughts
So long repressed
Might carry you to other paths
That’s alright
All the revelation has been ours
Clear at eve
Loosely bound?
There's a long road that arises
That arises
There's a long road that arises
That arises
And I'll be alright
And ya'll be alright
And we'll be alright
That's alright

Darkness Fuel

Written By: The River Raid

It sucks me dry
Till I feel sick
Assuming you know who it is
Screwing up all of your homes
Chicks and pride
With a black mystique
You know what's right
What is butchery
Time goes by
No harm undone
And I weep when you start to talk
Your ruthless act
When you try to sell
Your little hell
When you try to fix me saying that
Sex, sex, sex is wrong
I'm out of home
oh, why... oh, why... oh, why... am I not home?
Try to stand up and move on
Can't you see this black ship sunk
I try to see but dark has come
Control freaks can't guide me
For miles, miles, miles till I get home
I'm miles, miles, miles away from home
Now I'm flying back home
Walking through pimps and bling-blings
Untrue smiles aren’t good enough for me
Fake plastic sounds
Shoved down your throat
No weed. Just barbiturates
Oprah and Bud
Darkness fuel in spotlight fun
Here it comes again, saying that
Sex, sex, sex is wrong
oh, why... oh, why... oh, why... am I not home?
Darkness fuel
Now I’m flying back home


The first album “The River Raid”, features 12 songs, produced by Red Traxx (Miami), co-produced by Leo D and William P (Mr. Mouse, Recife) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound, NY). The album won awards and recognition by specialized press. A mini tour was set up to introduce the album in the USA, the tour passed through Texas, New York and Massachusetts. With their first self titled debut album, they achieved notable success, such as the opening act for the American band Paramore, in their Brazilian tour “The Final Riot!” at the end of 2008.

The second album, “In a Forest”, features 10 songs recorded in Miami, in the Red Traxx and Power Station studios, produced by Rodrigo Coelho (Recife) and mixed/mastered by John Cornfield – a multi-platinum winning English producer, having worked with world renowned bands such as Oasis, Supergrass, Muse, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Stone Roses, The Verve and Razorlight. The new album will be released in April 2010.


Based on the musical moment that the band is living, “In a Forest” refers to the beauty of the forest, a balanced and full of life place with mystery and power. “In a Forest”, each element has its role. “In a Forest”, lives are lost and separated. “In a Forest”, there are miracles, charm, light and date. The question is ours, take responsibility for the forests natural habitat, and help sustain them, or it will be our end!

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