*2008 Orange County Music Award nominee for Best Male Vocalist ~Experimental, percussive and acoustic instruments blend with technology to provide an intimate, melodic and dynamic sound. *see WWW.Riversergo.net


Riversergo is a revolving door to a solo project. The name is derived from a figurative depiction of our process. The ergonomic energy of deliberate action infused with the creative fluidity of one anothers input as well as what takes place between the audience and performers in a live setting.

At the age of three Robert was mimicking his fathers guitar and banjo picking on a plastic guitar built to scale and entertaining the family, neighbors and friends. A 7th grade band "A.O.T.C." and high-school band "Gridlock" followed and led to a self-produced 3-song studio demo with O.C. all-ages club gigs in S. CA. venues such as "Goodies" and "Club 369" in the late 80's and early 90's following in the renegade footsteps of bands such as "Agent Orange, Adolescents, Jeff Buckley, The Police, T.S.O.L, and Social Distortion.
During a solo five- week backpacking trip through Europe at age 20 it was decided acting as a profession would be his life-course. Training and opportunity brought him to New York City during the notable January blizzard of 1996. It was in Manhattans East Village that the infectious history and legacy of Tibetan Buddhism, avant-garde theatre, folk-poetry, bowery-punk, Kirtan singing, world-music and cultural diversification began to influence him enthusiastically. Coffee shops and performance venues found him performing spoken-word, playing percussion and creating award- winning and critically acclaimed avant-garde theatre with Jim Simpsons "furballs", Damon Wrights "The Quadroon Ball" at La Mama, E.T.C. "Othello" at Joe Papps Public Theatre and works in developement at NYTW, as well as with composer Tim Robert and playwrite Timothy Mason and the LAB. Singing followed from a love of many styles of music; and was inspired by urban influences and experiences, often during long walks alone through unexplored streets of Manhattans seedy downtown hideaways.
... "An uneasy silence following a performace at the Bowery Poetry Club led to a comment from a professional opera singer in attendance. "You just glow up there, and must continue what you're doing, the hairs on my arm are standing up" .



Written By: robert steffen/Master Shantideva

"Na Kinchid Asti Tadvastu
Yadabya sasya dushkaram".

"If there is nothing you can do about a problem don't worry, if there is something you can do about a problem don't worry".

"Yadyastyeva pratikaro darmanasyena
tatra kim
Atha nasti pratikaro darmanasyena tatra kim."

-"There is nothing that cannot come easily with regular practice"

*this song was first conceptualized in response to a homework assignment for memorization of this verse. It's inate meter was heard melodically and found its way into our lungs.

~taken from buddhist master Shantidevas text in the "chapter on killing anger"


booking demo is available.

Contact: Inside Booking:
(949) 357-3148 in CA.
(212) 252-4239 in NYC.

Set List

1.) Open 2.) Facing Bitter Moon 3.) Center of the World 4.) Waterside 5.) 95 6.) Rails 7.) Go 8.) Just Shine 9.)Elephants 10.) When I Wait 11.) Aidan 12.) Circumstance 13.The Long Road 14.) Halogen 15.) Like A Whisper 16.) Realize 17.) Roll Like Stones 18.) Blood on Blood 19.) Closer 20.) One Day 21.) Tonight 22.) Passenger of trust 23.) Freezing feet 24.) Shantideva 25.) Goodbye Lover
Covers have been known to include:

1.) "Cuts You Up"-Peter Murphy
2.) "Sometimes"-Ours
3.) "Sonnet"-the Verve
4.) "Like She was a Hammer"-Joe Henry
5.) "Nights in White Satin"-the Moody Blues
6.) "I Know It's Over"-The Smiths
7.) "Sail Away"-David Gray
8.) "Crying"-Roy Orbison
9.) "Brothers Unaware"-Live
10.) "Song to the Siren"-Tim Buckley